TODAY Free Talk - Paludariums!! Karen Randall @ 6:00 PDST


TODAY Free Talk - Paludariums!! Karen Randall @ 6:00 PDST YouTube livestream presented by the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (

Location: YouTube livestream

Date: June 9th, 6 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time

For our June [virtual] meeting, the Greater Seattle Aquarium Society is pleased to welcome back world-famous aquarist, speaker, author and aquatic plant hunter Karen Randall! She will give a brand-new presentation on paludariums for us. No auction afterward, but we'll give some club updates as usual at the start of the meeting. Our meetings are normally open to non-members, and thankfully we're also able to make this virtual meeting open to non-members all across the globe.

We'll be taking questions for Karen via the YouTube chat (or if you know our phone numbers, you can text them!) like our last couple meetings.)
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Hi All,

It was a great talk. If you missed it you can still catch it for one week at the link above.....after that it will be gone!
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Thanks Roy. Thank was pretty interesting. What a wealth of info.
Please thank th club for allowing us access.

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