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    I finally finished cycling my 29gal after 48 days and added my fish:woot: Such a great feeling when you finally add fish to a tank that has been empty for what seems like forever. Sitting, staring at it. Test the water, look at tank, sigh and repeat...

    To any beginner doing a fishless cycle: Be patient. I know everyone says that, but it couldn't help you more. This is a long process and takes time. During this time, research, research, research. You will have plenty of downtime to organize your tank area, scape the tank or look up the species fish you want and learn everything about them.

    My point is, hang in there and don't let this time frustrate you. It is a great time to become knowledgeable and prepared. You will be rewarded in the end:)
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    Yay! For your cycled tank.
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    Congrats :)
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    Now, keep your eye on the levels. When you add fish your tank is going to re-cycle, i.e., when you did the fishless cycle it might not have been enough ammonia to simulate what you now have for a bioload, so you could go through a mini-cycle or sorts while the BB tries to catch up with the fish. Ammonia levels can spike so keep your eye on it and do water changes if necessary.

    Another tip for anyone doing fishless cycles: Once you've cycled the tank, only add a few small fish to start so you dont overload the tank. If you do overload the tank, you can kiss your cycle goodbye.
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    I had been dosing to 2-3ppm for 40 days, would that be enough to handle the school?

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    The tank looks lovely! My 10 just finished fishless cycling... I was sad it was empty for so long, so my daughter drew 2 fish and cut them out and taped them to the glass :) lol
    Agree on the 'be patient' advice. I changed my mind twice on what to put in my tank while I was waiting on the cycle :)
    What are you planning to stock it with?
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    I had a previous post asking how quick to stock my fish and many people suggested adding the school of 7 I had decided on. I originally only had 1 fish in there but was told it wouldn't produce enough ammonia so I added the rest the next day. I just hope I didn't go against my own advice and add too much too soon. I'll keep a good eye on the parameters and do wc as necessary, but hopefully my plan of understocking and overfiltrating will help.

    Edit: @Algonquin I currently have 7 Green Tiger Barbs
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    If you added a lot of ammonia regularly to cycle the tank, then theoretically it's ok to add a whole school at once as you'll have a fair sized colony of BB. But many err on the side of caution and add in dribs and drabs. You'll never lose your cycle by adding too many, rather you'll go through a mini cycle until such time as more BB can colonize and catch up with the bioload.

    I added 8 Pristella and 7 Sterbai at once and saw no ammonia spikes, but I dosed regularly to 4ppm NH4 when I was cycling. I only added them all at once as it's a 3hr round trip to that LFS and I wasn't going back for some time, so got them while I could.