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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by damprye, Apr 21, 2010.

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    I know my betta fry are too young to jar up yet but what can I do to stop my bigger fry from beating up on the smaller ones? I have a spare tank but I have not set it up yet but I do have a cycled filter and a heater I could put in there but that would still mean it would take time before transporting them. Would it be practicle to use one of my establised tanks for these more agressive ones (it is divided) and put my adult bettas at risk in the unprepared tank?
    Or should I simply leave them as is and let nature run it's course? I think I should definately get some more plants if I am to go the second route, I'm thinking Java moss do that the small ones can hide in it at the surface instead of trying to avoid my largest betta bub.
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    Ooh good question, I never thought you had to separate until they got a lot older and started to fight. I don't know anything though, but I will be watching to find out what happens.

    Hope you get an answer soon Damprye
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    How many of the aggressive betta fry do you have right now? If you could, you could temporarily keep them in one jar each until you set up your tank. But that's my own opinion, better to wait for more responses from other members who have experience in breeding bettas too.

    Best of luck! :;hf
  4. uprightandlocked

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    Could the go in a breeder box? I don't have any experience with betta fry but I'm wondering if its possible to keep the more aggressive one(s) in a breeder box (or boxes)?
  5. Shine

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    Would it be possible to divide the current tank in some way? That wouldn't seperate all of them, but you could probably at least seperate the strongest that way....
  6. Red1313

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    Couple questions:
    1 - How old is the spawn
    2 - How many "bullies" do you have?
    3 - What size is your tank?

    Basically you have two options: Ignore or Separate
    I can't see the spawn so I can't say if the bullying is excessive or not. With Separating you have a few options:
    If you want to divide then put a divider in the tank and move the bullies to the other side. Case closed. However depending on the age of your spawn, the size difference, and the size of your tank you may find that the benefits of some of the following options may appeal.

    Half the Spawn:
    Basically you remove the larger, stronger fry (your bullies) to a new tank. If you're already doing water changes with your fry this isn't going to be too much of a stress for them. If you feel that you'd rather not risk you're larger fry then you could move the smaller ones instead but it's your call.
    When you half the spawn you're giving the smaller fry more of a fair competition and you'll see both halfs of the spawn grow faster.

    Isolate the offenders:
    Try using those smaller containers that go on the outside of the tank and but the bullies in there.

    I don't know the age of your spawn but I've heard that Red Spawns have had to be jarred earlier then the 2 month mark due to being more aggressive then other spawns.

    Again these are just some suggestions (I'd recommend splitting the spawn if the aggression seems more then "normal") hope they help :)
    Can't be more specific without the age of the spawn :p
  7. Shiba

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    I would get breeder boxes, or float cups with the bullies in them until they're old enought to jar.
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    wow! How interesting!!!
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    Oh goodness MM that video makes me laugh... sorry if it's wrong to find it humorous! I can just hear their thought process
    'You'd better get away I'm big and bad'
    'No, YOU move'
    'No, YOU MOVE'

    LOL Sibling rivalry perhaps??
  11. Tigerfishy

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    Cajun, that's what I heard too!
  12. OP

    dampryeValued MemberMember

    Ok after seeing that I am more at ease, mine are 5weeks tomorrow, I am probably just being a little nervy lol they are my first spawn. I was thinking the breeding boxes as well, I have 3 I can can use plus a mass of jars but the jars are glass and I was/am worried about heating but for now I think they will be fine :) thank you all

    Edit: I also picked up a whole lot of Java moss today for the littlies to hide in :;nin2 so far so good :)
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  13. OP

    dampryeValued MemberMember

    None of them even like the java moss lol, oh well I can use it for my next spawn :)

    The agression they had showed is completely gone, they all get along perfectly no matter their size... maybe I have a tank full of females lol

    They are just over 7 weeks now so I was expecting the agression to start picking up not dulling down but I cannot say I am sad about that at all :D

    I have a very weird looking fry, it is one of the larger ones but one of the very few without colouring yet but it has black dots on it. It kind of looks like a dalmation lol. Sadly I think I managed to get some VTs in the mix. What are the odds of getting VTs if neither parents are?

    Well I think I have added more than enough for now lol so I will just await answers :p
  14. cajunfiberco

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    The parents must have had veil tails in their genetics somewhere down the line.
  15. Red1313

    Red1313Fishlore VIPMember

    What were the parents again?
  16. OP

    dampryeValued MemberMember

    Pastel SD and traditional cambodian DT, it is somewhat dissapointing but I guess next time I will have to be more choosey. I have a CT male and a HM male that I want to breed and soon as they will be to old otherwise but I think all but the DT are VTs perhaps one has some CT in her line as she has a few points but other than that :-/ oh well I know I can still get them homes. I am now thinking that I may just start off with these and get the cash up a little (my LFS is always taking VT's) and then purchase some of Aquabid, perhaps there will be a good Aquabid seller near me, Leda, Western Australia, that way I can pick them up rather than having them shipped.
  17. Heather M

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    It's like ring around the Rosie, no?;D
  18. OP

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    There was movement on the front. I seen a nip :'( I have put in a floating box but was not fast enough to net the lil bugger. It is all quiet again but I am not being fooled, I will sit here for hours if I have to just so I can grab nipper. Suprisingly it was not one of the bigger ones.
  19. Red1313

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    Ok one thing to keep in mind is what a VT actually is. The "natural" betta tail type is PK, a VT is simply the long version which is actually dominant to the "natural" tail. VT's in a Super Delta spawn really aren't that surprising since the Super Delta is sort of an in between form in the move from VT to HM. Another thing to consider is that tail type genetics aren't as simple as the VT, PK, and CT make it sound. HM for example is a multi factorial trait, Two HM's don't give you a 100% HM spawn. Part of this is due to enviroment (you'll see more HM's when raised in ideal conditions vs non-ideal), part is due to the fact that not every fry will receive the all the genes to develop full HM finnage. There are often SD's and Delta's that arise from HMxHM spawns.

    Lastly you might be surprised how many of the boys will/may stretch out to Delta or Super Delta once they're jarred.


    Ummm.... Are you talking about the fry or the parents here? lol
  20. OP

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    I will accept what fry I get :) they are turning out to rather pretty whatever they are. I have one absolutely gorgeous one that I am definately keeping that has red fins at the base but blue at the tips. I am thinking with how clearly defined and seperated the colours are it would be a butterfly? I so need to be able to add pics soon, they are just so beautiful.

    Originally Posted by damprye View Post
    ...but I think all but the DT are VTs perhaps one has some CT in her line as she has a few points but other than that :-/ ....

    In the above quote I was talking about one of my adult females I am planning on breeding, well am now attempting to breed since I have another grow out tank and more than enough tanks large enough for spawning and housing. She is a very feisty one but then again so is my CT male. And btw yes I do have more than enough cups, heaters, filters, ect for any fry that need to be seperated. I also have three shops now interested in taking on any fry (once grown of course) plus possibly another and I also have plans for the fry that they will not take including any deformed ones I may end up with. I am not going into this blind and have learnt quite a bit by going through alot on here and raising this lot. It may or not work out in the end but right now I can do this and if circumstances change in the future I will be happy to "retire" and become just another fishkeeper.