To Snail or Not to Snail?

Discussion in 'Snails' started by amydeb, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. amydeb

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    I've been thinking of getting a couple Nerite snails but having trouble deciding. I have a few live plants (but an order coming next week. Yay!) and I will be moderately planted at the end of this rescape.

    My first concern is the Cory cats (don't want them having to compete) and the Rainbow shark - which I thought I read would be a threat to the Nerites? I don't know where I got that info but someone correct me if I'm wrong. "Tim" is a whopping 2" long now and not much of a threat to anyone. :-/ (He's a disappointment to his family lol)

    Second concern is lack of algae in my tank. Don't want to jinx myself but just about the only green I ever see is on one large and one small (out of four) rocks. I haven't had any on my glass at all. I feed the Cory cats sinking shrimp pellets and veggie wafers. Will this be OK for the Nerites to eat as well? Should I get "algae wafers" for them?

    Any advice is appreciated!
  2. Bijou88

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    My nerites don't seem terribly excited by algae wafers, they absolutely love zuchini that's been in the tank longer than 12 hrs though.

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  3. happyfins14

    happyfins14Valued MemberMember

    I've never had nerites but I do know a few things about snails.. I would give them veggie wafers and if they don't eat it try some algae wafers.

    If there's enough wafers the cories wouldn't have to compete, I think :)
  4. OP

    amydebValued MemberMember

    Thanks to both of you.
    Do either of you know about the Rainbow shark? I tried google but came up with conflicting info and a bunch of YouTube videos by idiots with multiple rainbows and other incompatible fish. :-/
    I'll try the RB forum or back to my usual Newbie hang out. lol
  5. happyfins14

    happyfins14Valued MemberMember

    No sorry... But if you start a new thread about it I'm sure you'll get replies from some experts
  6. TanksbyTim

    TanksbyTimValued MemberMember

    Tim has an awesome name. Too my knowledge, Rainbow Sharks are pretty territorial and that will determine whether or not he will bother the snails. You could always try with one snail and see what happens, but it's your call. Not all fish have the same demeanor, so it's a guess until you try. As for the snails, they will eat the leftover food and any algae they can find. If you don't see leftover food, then consider supplementing with algae wafers or fresh veggies such as Zucchini. Since your tank will be moderately planted, the snails will probably hide within the plants and the shark may not find them anyway. Good luck with your tank! :)