To Deworm in QT or Not? aka do loaches other than clowns get skinny disease?

  1. BlackwaterRat

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    Hello all! I am happy to announce the addition of three tiny golden zebra loaches to my fish family this week! They are beyond adorable, quite active, and are already shoaling together after just three days.

    I plan to keep the three of them in QT before adding them to the big guys--two clown loaches and my one remaining golden zebra, who has looked incredibly lonely since his two best buddies passed away last month :(

    I wanted to get a feel for what other loach owners do during quarantine--specifically, do you all treat all newcomers with dewormers, or do you wait for any signs of unthriftiness? I've always been an advocate of presumptive deworming of dogs and cats, since there is no harm done if there aren't any worms, and chances are there are worms regardless. However, I'm not so quick to start adding meds to my fish tanks, especially considering that the praziquantal is OTC and thus not regulated. Are there any dewormers out there that you guys have had good experiences with?

    I checked out the deworming protocol on, but as far as I can tell, this seems to be mostly directed at clown loaches in particular, possibly as it relates to skinny disease. I've yet to be able to determine if skinny disease is specifically a clown loach thing, or if other species of loach are also susceptible. Any input you guys might have into this would be greatly appreciated. I feel like so much of the info out there is anectodal, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it means that you do need to depend on a larger sample of experiences to parse out the truths from the myths.




    Sorry for the poor quality of the pics--they don't stay still for long, and the reflections off the glass were giving me trouble

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  2. slayer5590

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    I wouldn't medicate them without a reason. As long as they look good and are doing good no reason to add to their stress.