To cheer my self up I am getting a five gallon tank

  1. Brisilda Kodra Well Known Member Member

    Any advice on what fish I can add there I was thinking a goldfish
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    In a 5 gallon you're pretty much limited to a Betta or shrimp & snails, it's not big enough for a goldfish of any variety

  3. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    5 gallons is far too small for a goldfish. You have very limited options in a 5 gallon unfortunately. The best option would be a betta. Or else maybe shrimp or dwarf crayfish, snails, etc. :)

    edit: Coradee you beat me to it! What is that called again? Ninja'd?

    edit #2 Brisilda Kodra Why do you need cheering up? Anything we can do? Not trying to pry....
  4. Brisilda Kodra Well Known Member Member

    So what size tank does a goldfish need

  5. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    A pond!!!

    It depends on if it is a common goldfish or fancy goldfish. The common goldfish get over a foot long and belong in ponds just like koi. If you get fancy goldfish...I think it is at least 30 gallons for one....probably more. I don't know. But the common ones belong in ponds.
  6. Brisilda Kodra Well Known Member Member

    So I get it no goldfish then
  7. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    my daughter won two common goldfish from the carnival many years ago. And I thought I was doing them a favor when I upgraded them from 5 gallons to 10 gallons. I had NO IDEA goldfish were meant to get over a foot long and live 30 years! I think many many people are not aware of that! Just trying to help you not make the mistake I, and many others, have made! :)

  8. Brisilda Kodra Well Known Member Member

    Man that sucks I might as well sick with a Betta to a 5 gal
  9. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    I hear ya!!

    Any chance you can get something a little bigger? there are often great deals on craigslist for used set ups :) Or is it a space issue?
  10. Brisilda Kodra Well Known Member Member

    Well 5 to 10 gallons I can go to and since goldfish won't work out 5 gallon Betta tank it is

  11. bizaliz3 Fishlore VIP Member

    Have you tried dabbling in live plants? That might be an extra element of fun to add to the new tank.....
  12. Brisilda Kodra Well Known Member Member

    I will get the tank first then add all extra stuff I need to let it cycle too
  13. Five 97 Well Known Member Member

    I totally agree with what everyone else said,
    what about electric blue dwarf crayfish?.... if the future Betta allows them entrance... :)
  14. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    If you still have your other betta in a bowl, I'd move it to this heated and cycled 5 gal rather than get another one. You would make him so happy :)

    Also, not to be rude or discouraging, but you shouldn't get pets to cheer you up if you're sad or depressed. Fish are great, but there are healthier ways to deal with depression. Get a fish because you want it, not because of what it can do for you. :)
  15. Brisilda Kodra Well Known Member Member

    Well I want to get pet to cheer me up pets for me are therapeutic for me thanks tho

    So here are my two options I cant decide on have a planted tank or use sand as a gravel

    I really love a beach theme idea lol
  16. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    You can do both. My betta tank has sand and a crypt wendtii as well as a java fern in it. They do fine.
  17. Brisilda Kodra Well Known Member Member

    Oh ok mind if I see what your tank looks like?
  18. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member

    I don't believe I have a pic of it. But will try to remember to take one when I get home. It's my daughter's tank
  19. Brisilda Kodra Well Known Member Member

    Ok thanks a bunch I am excited
  20. tyguy7760 Fishlore VIP Member