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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by CrisisQuaid, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. CrisisQuaidValued MemberMember

    Hey all! Tomorrow I’m getting a tire Track Eel. I currently have a baby Flowerhorn in my 75 gallon tank. My question is, what are the odds of a flowerhorn coexisting well with a TT Eel? I know FHs are known for being aggressive. If I introduce the eel while the FH is a baby do you think he would learn to tolerate him? If not I would be willing to move the Flowerhorn, in that case if someone could recommend other tank mates I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. AshyMurphyNew MemberMember

    I've had lots of TT eels in the last few years and had them with all types of aggressive fish like Oscars, Convicts and flower horns and never once had a problem just make sure the TT eel has plenty of nooks and cranny's he can hide in (",)

  3. Iverg1Well Known MemberMember

    Flower horns don’t really get along with others except for these ones : jaguar cichlid, tiger oscar, black pacu, leopard pleco you could try I guess

  4. CrisisQuaidValued MemberMember

    Thanks, I’ll try it out, check for any aggression, and if it gets out of hand I’ll pull the FH out

  5. AshyMurphyNew MemberMember

    Once the TT eel has hiding places he will be perfectly ok :)
  6. CrisisQuaidValued MemberMember

    As a baby do you think the FH will care at all? Or does the aggression in them tend to start later on? I don’t have a ton of hiding places yet.
  7. AshyMurphyNew MemberMember

    It depends on the FH itself some start aggression really young and some a bit later. you could pick up some thin PVC pipe for the mean time that would work perfect for him to hide (",)
  8. abijittoValued MemberMember

    I have kept them many times. None of my fish ever touched them. Just one exception when my mbuna cichlid killed 3 of them in two days after introduction! I kept them with an Oscar and so thought that they may also be able to go along with mbuna. This was my biggest mistake lol.
  9. AshyMurphyNew MemberMember

    yeah i have heard of them killing other big fish lol they can be so aggressive. I think that they dont find a TT Eel any threat or competition, thats just my opinion tho as i said i have kept them together without any problems at all but in saying that there were plenty of hiding places for the TT eels :)
  10. CrisisQuaidValued MemberMember

    Thanks a ton!
  11. AshyMurphyNew MemberMember

    No problem at all, keep me posted on how you get on :)
  12. CrisisQuaidValued MemberMember

    So when feeding a TT Eel, do I feed him the actual frozen block of blood worms? Or do I let it thaw?
  13. AshyMurphyNew MemberMember

    What i do is put the blood worm cube into a cup with some of the aquarium water and stir it until it thaws then make sure you leave some around the bottom of the aquarium that way he will always find them. i still do that to this day to make sure everybody in the tank will get some
  14. CrisisQuaidValued MemberMember

    If I buy ghost shrimp, would the eel eat it? He doesn’t seem to want frozen blood worms rn

    Or is it too early to start worrying? I just want the little guy to eat haha. Right now I’m putting bloodworm cubes into a water bottle and submerging it so only he can reach the food.
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  15. AshyMurphyNew MemberMember

    Sorry for the late reply, was on hols! i dont know about him eating ghost shrimp you should maybe try brine shrimp or daphnia. there alot smaller and easier him to eat :)
  16. CrisisQuaidValued MemberMember

    I have him brine shrimp, he nibbled a little bit which gives me hope. Only thing is since he is the only one in the tank, it’s polluting the water a lot.
  17. AshyMurphyNew MemberMember

    only put in a little bit. dont worry he WILL find it they have amazing sense of smell :)
  18. CrisisQuaidValued MemberMember

    He fo
    He found his way out of my lid, I have no idea how but he died :(

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