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  1. joiakimfish Member Member

    Hello I'm having trouble feeding (big worm) my rope fish I have seen that they can be difficult in the first weeks but I want to know if you guys have any tricks and tips currently attempting frozen bloodworms and beef heart I'll useually put it in his cave and wait till the morning hoping it's gone the bloodworms are always gone but idk if he is eating it or the tiger barbs are sneaking in and taking a nibble .. Any suggestions
  2. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    I'm not a ropefish owner, but research says they are predators with poor eyesight, like african dwarf frogs. So have you considered tempting it with some live food that it can hunt down itself? Maybe set up a brine shrimp farm or try a few red wigglers or grubs from a live bait shop?
  3. joiakimfish Member Member

    I have but didn't know should I just throw the little critters in their or do I cut them up and freeze them or just keep them in a bucket under the tank
  4. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    Rope fish are very similar to bichirs in that they hunt by smell. It's ehy they have those long nostrils on their snouts. I don't have a rope fish, but I do have a senegal birchir and their diets are very similar. Beef heart and bloodworms should be used as infrequent treats, and honestly beef heart really isn't that good for them, as it is far to fatty. Their stomachs aren't meant to handle terrestrial based meat very often/at all. I would suggest Hikari massivore/carnivore sinking pellets depending on the size or his mouth, as my birchir loves the massivore pellets. They are the same thing ingredient wisr, but carnivore are bb sized, where as massivore are dime sized and thick. Another good staple is frozen white fish, like tilapia or cod. Thaw it out, slice it small enough to fit in his mouth, and chunk it in there.

    When feeding earthworms, you feed them live. Just pull some out, rinse them off of extra dirt, and chunk into the tank
  5. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    My frogs 'hunt' thawed bloodworms and mosquito larva, but they also stalk baby brine shrimp and microworms, which are free swimming in the tank.

    You could try target feeding, which is something frog owners do. Get a small glass or terracota clay plate and train your ropefish that's where the food is. Use a big syringe or a turkey baster to 'shoot' food into the water at the plate. The movement will trick the fish into thinking the food is live, and then you wouldn't have to mess around with chopping up mealworms or wigglers.
  6. joiakimfish Member Member

    Ahh ok I won't be using the bh anymore I'm going to look around today for these products and she how it reacts to them I deff want him to eat and thrive in his new home y'all know if petland or petco has what I need ?
  7. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    I only have a petsmart here, and they do not have Hikari carnivore/massivore not sure if Petco or pet land do. Frozen white fish is available everywhere though, and sporting goods stores and bait shops are generally good sources for worms.
  8. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    It depends on your store, but they should have the fishfood, if not, online will provide. Everything else mentioned: baster, plate, frozen fish, you can get at the grocery store.
  9. joiakimfish Member Member

    Sounds like I'll be going on an adventure today lol

    Thank you both I will update on the results later today
  10. joiakimfish Member Member

    Ok so I am getting earthworms from petland hopefully he chows down when I get home
  11. joiakimfish Member Member

    No luck :( I put it next to him he took a bite spit it out and swam away
  12. joiakimfish Member Member

    2pellets of 5 are gone everyone smelt and ignored them except big worm
  13. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    So he took a few of the carnivore pellets at least? About how big is your rope fish atm?
  14. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    You have to be persistant adding new foods sometimes. It's just like with little kids; if they don't recognize something, they'll turn their noses up on general principle.

    Keep trying!
  15. joiakimfish Member Member

    He can't be more then 10in