Tips on Brichardi Cichlids?

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    AngelZee Valued Member Member

    I have set up my empty but cycled 30 gallon aquarium for Brichardi's and will be getting them in the next few days.

    The tank has been cycled and has a Fluval 206 Filter with a 50W Heater I believe or 100W, can't recall :/ and a mini bubble wall in the corner for extra aeration and water flow.

    The tank has fine white sand and has 3 rock pieces with caves and tunnels for lots of cichlid fry fun :)
    I plan on purchasing a group of 6 Brichardi's for them to pair up on their own and I do plan on breeding them.

    If needed, I have my 50g tank setup for extra space if I happen to need to transfer some fish which I know I will later down the line. My Tap water has a pH of 7.6 ish and a Hardness of 12-14 so I'm sure they will enjoy that .

    I am planning on adding a few plants in there as well to cope with nitrates. Such as Anacharis and Hornwort.
    I am getting these fish fairly small as well, 1-2 inches.

    But if anyone has ever had Brichardi's or Lake Tanganyika Cichlids and has any tips/advice for me prior to getting them, it would be greatly appreciated :D

    Edit: Forgot to add that the full name of the fish I am getting are Neolamprologus Brichardi as there are a few types of brichardi's
  2. emmynk

    emmynk Well Known Member Member

    Lots of rocks and caves! For different territories.
    Haha and I use a lake cichlid buffer, I believe it is made by seachem. It has all necessary trace minerals.
    Good luck! I love lake tang cichlids!
  3. OP

    AngelZee Valued Member Member

    I think I am good on rocks for now, may get more later down the line :)

    And thanks I will look into that buffer.
  4. tmills

    tmills New Member Member

    You have great taste in fish! The buffer that was mentioned will I believe raise your ph, I keep brichardi and other neolamps up around 8.0ph and use sea salt when you pickup or order your stock make sure to ask about ph and diet makes a good starting point. They were the first Tang I raised over 30yrs ago had a colony in 75gal, you'll love the behavior they have and they are great parents. ENJOY!!!
  5. OP

    AngelZee Valued Member Member

    Alright I will make sure to ask them and thank you, Brichadri's are beautiful fish even though they may look simple and not eye-catching at first glance like other vibrant fish.

    I will most likely be getting them from Petco but I'm not too sure if i should since not all of their aquariums look top notch, perhaps i will look around first for stores dedicated to fish.