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Betta Care

  1. Prism

    Prism Well Known Member Member

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    Tips of Keeping - Betta Care

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  2. KittyFish62

    KittyFish62 Well Known Member Member

    Hmm... I should get my 10 gallon back up and running and put sum bettas in there
  3. OP

    Prism Well Known Member Member

    You should! That would be a great project to work on.
    Thanks guys for all the great reviews!

  4. UglyAsian

    UglyAsian Well Known Member Member

  5. OP

    Prism Well Known Member Member

    Thats a greet size! I used to have a 5.5g with my betta.
    It leaked, now my betta lives in my 20g long.
  6. TommyTank

    TommyTank New Member Member

    Hi, my female betta does not flake food. I was only feeding frozen blood worms, she has gotten fat as a house and would she eat a snail?
  7. OP

    Prism Well Known Member Member

    I would not feed blood worms as a main diet.
    They are a source of a treat.

    I would fast her for up to a week.
    She will do fine with no food for a week.

    Try feeding pellets.
  8. BettaBeck

    BettaBeck Valued Member Member

    I'm feeding mine bloodworms too because they didn't have the pellets where I bought him and the tank. He's gonna be bumming tomorrow when the pellets come lol