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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by augustusbloop, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. augustusbloopNew MemberMember

    It's my betta's first birthday in a couple weeks and I plan to upgrade him to a 10 gallon tank. He's currently in a 5.5 gallon tank with a mystery snail. I intend to get all new decorations and will probably just get another tank 'starter kit' so I can get everything I need in one package. The only things I'll probably keep from my current set up are my airstone, heater, thermometer, and gravel. I'm also leaning towards keeping the silk plants because my snail practically lives in the leaves of one them (honestly I keep worrying that he's died there but when I check on him he's fine, and when I put him back somewhere else in the tank, he goes right back to the same spot in the plant so I guess that's just his favorite place !)

    Here come the questions:
    Do I need to treat the water in the new tank with starter chemicals like when I first set up the old tank or are the current chemicals I use enough? Should I transfer some of the water from the old tank to the new tank? If I do this do I need to cycle the new tank? If so, for how long? Is it safe to use the old gravel? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Side note, my betta's name is Augustus Bloop, my snail is named Lupin the Third because he's the third snail I've gotten... RIP Lana Shell Rey and Turbo. Lana died from an ammonia spike when I didn't realize I had to actually change the filter media (n00b alert), and Turbo's death is still a mystery but I think I wasn't feeding him often enough/providing enough algae wafers. Tips on keeping snails alive also appreciated.

    [​IMG] here's Augy all grown up with his current snail.
    here's his baby picture:

    and I'll try to find his awkward teen phase where, during his color change, he appeared to have a mustache !

    i don't know how to post photos apparently 18157800_10155210407641358_119201151658548660_n.jpgtumblr_ocagjcIXT71vdbt26o1_540.jpg

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  2. FishFandomValued MemberMember

    If you have a cycled filter in the 5.5 gallon, you can put it in the 10 gallon and run it for about 24-48 hours to get the tank completely cycled, but do not change the media yet. Transferring water to another tank doesn't cycle it. The bacteria is in the filter and gravel. It is safe to use old gravel, and it is the best choice to jumpstart your cycle as well. A tip I would suggest would be adding live plants, or driftwood, or indian almond leaves. If you add live plants, you would have to purchase root tabs or planted gravel for them to thrive. If you do get those things, it improves the water quality, and bettas LOVE THEM. Also, you should probably purchase more decorations or hiding places because a lot of times bettas get stressed when their tanks are too big, so adding more things to make it comfy would be your best choice when you pick your tank up. Just some tips! Also, could we see your little guy in his tank? That would be awesome. :)
  3. augustusbloopNew MemberMember

    Thanks ! I had read that about gravel when I first set up his tank thats why I was planning to use it. Do you have any suggestions for types of plants to add?


    augy with his awkward teen "facial hair" and another baby picture
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  4. FishFandomValued MemberMember

    They are so pretty! The plants that are the most hardy and ones I love are Anubias Nana, Amazon Sword, Temple Compacta, Aponogeton, and Java Fern. Java Fern you have to tie to wood or rocks since it can't be planted in the substrate.

    Oh, also a birthday treat would be good to feed frozen or live food such as bloodworms, or brine shrimp!
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  5. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    Just move the old filter media behind the new media and leave it there for an instant cycle.

    Just treat the water with dechlorinator.

    You can use the old gravel, yes.

    Snails are relatively easy. Just feed them and keep the water quality good and you're set.
  6. ManjitValued MemberMember

    totally agreed...
    just add few more hiding spots and live plants...
  7. augustusbloopNew MemberMember

    thanks for all yalls help, i really appreciate it!! I'm going to be doing a roswell, nm/area 51 theme with my new tank but i'll make sure all my decorations are fit for hiding in :) what maintenance is required for live plants?
  8. augustusbloopNew MemberMember

    he's in his new tank now i'm still afraid of live plants so there's just a marimo in there right now 20638874_10155552415466358_5722179804329953343_n.jpg

    one thing i hope to have improved, i noted where the most algae was growing in my old tank (it's near a window) and covered the back of the new tank with some pages ripped from a magazine (you might be able to see britney spears there) to double as decor/sun protection, as well as blocked off some of the window with a large poster. this tank does have a light in the hood which is already a plus over my old tank. fish seems very happy zooming around in and out of the hideaways i provided. to make things cheap and easy (or so i thought) i ended up buying a whole new starter, but had to reuse my old heater and filter, as the new heater looked too complicated and didn't seem to be as nice as my old one and the new filter just didn't work at all. luckily the filter i already had was intended for a ten gallon to start with. i tried it without my little plastic bottle buffer and the water current was still too strong for lil augy to swim around leisurely. so i transferred the gravel from the old tank, treated the new water i put in with some generic 'betta water conditioner' as well as api stress coat+, then let the old filter run for roughly 24 hours and tested the water with a 5 in 1 test strip before i put m'fishy back in with his snailmate. don't remember the exact readings of everything but i made sure the nitrite was at 0 before introducing my babies back in. will test again later today probably. i hope i did everything right. i feel bad about the conditions in the old tank, augustus still has a pretty intense scar on his side from a sharp piece i had failed to file down on his old decor. it's healed now but its still sad to look at. i made sure his new caved were nice and smooth around the entrances before i put them in.

    edit: my biggest concern was him not knowing where to go to be fed but he swam right up to the spot as soon as i turned the light on this morning so i guess he figured it out !
  9. FishFandomValued MemberMember

    Don't be afraid of them! If you look up the proper way of bleach dipping them, there will be no pests, disease or any problems.

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