Tips For Good Fish Photography

  1. NGaMtns

    NGaMtns New Member Member

    Do you have any tips for how to take sharp photos of fish in the tank?
    I have a freshwater tank that's quite easy to take photos of, at night. But the fish always comes out looking blurry and dull in my closeup photos .
    I use the camera in my samsung s7.
    I also have a dslr but I hardly use it anymore. Maybe I should try closeup photos with that?

    P.s. I see some amazing photos on this forum, like this one for example:
    Show Me Your Betta And I'll Draw It For You!
    It made me wonder how everybody else manages to take good photos.
  2. bigdreams

    bigdreams Well Known Member Member

    I have gotten good photos with my samsung S7 . First clean the algae off the glass and wipe down outside of the front t panel tank glass too. Dim or turn off room lighting to help reduce glare. And turn tank lights to Max.

    The professional looking shots (not referring to the ones on your link but often seen in Google searches) were taken by professionals or advanced photography hobbyists. They likely have a tripod, macro lenses and overhead flash units on a wireless or wired connection. Also they likely move the fish into a smaller tank for "close-ups" with a black background. I mention that because if your tank is messy it will likely show up in the photo unless you crop or Photoshop it. Finally all photographers do some level of post production, aka photoshopping to make the colors pop or push contrast etc. It's all doable, get the dSLR out and have fun! (And patience)
  3. OP

    NGaMtns New Member Member

    Thanks for the tips