Tip for treating a sick Mystery Snail


I recently bought a Gold Mystery snail for my Betta tank because of an algae problem and because my Bettas are too aggressive to consider Otos.   The first snail was DOA so I returned him and got another. The second one just lay on his back and never moved or ate anything. I thought he was dead too but I saw him slowly moving and he was covered in white cottony fungus. I removed him and put him in my 1 gallon quarantine tank.  I didn't know what to treat him with as most fish meds are toxic to snails. I researched and found that some people treated sick snails with Pimafix while others claI'm it was toxic to snails. The label says it is safe so I decided to try since he was going to die soon anyways if I did nothing. I put 1/2ml into the 1 gallon tank and then checked on him about 10 minutes later. To my surprise he was zooming around the tank and the coat of cottony fungus had dropped off him. He hadn't moved AT ALL in the week I had him!  He seemed hungry since he hadn't eaten in a week at least so I gave him a spinach leaf for vitamins and calcium and he jumped all over it and ate like a piggie. He is still doing well and moving around the tank. I'll continue treatment for a week and if all looks well he can go back to the Betta tank and do his job of cleaning algae. 
So, for those of you who have a sick or lethargic snail and don't know how to treat it, use PimaFix. It works and very quickly too! Those people on other sites who've said it killed their snails probably had snails that were too far gone to save or used too much PimaFix. It worked very well for mine.


Good to know, as the little guys are susceptible to so many different types of medication.

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