Tiny Sen Bichir Wont Grow?

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    A few months ago, perhaps 3, i bought two tiny 3in senegal bichirs, about 2 months after i had purchased a 5in albino sen bichir. They had big heads and tiny bodies and they were hilarious. After a few weeks they started to grow a bit, but then after about a month we noticed one was getting a little bigger and fatter. My dad was overfeeding them and it turned out once they grew to about 4in that one was more dominant than the other. The dominant one grew so fast and one day he became almost 5.5inches, and around that time i caught him trying to bite and chase the little one away, so i just put him with the 5in one, which was 6in now. Now the big one and the alb sen are two big 6in fatties who compete with each other for food and dominate the 40 bow theyre in.

    I left the little guy in the 20 gallon long. Im transferring him to a 30 gallon in the next few days when the tank is ready. He hasnt grown much since the day the fatty left the tank, plateauing at about 4in. My dad stopped the overfeeding and i now control how much they get, and he eats often. However he is very skittish now all of a sudden and when he eats his belly gets very fat. Im not overfeeding him any longer as all the fish in the tank are able to eat all the food i put in the tank with no visible leftovers, but his belly gets fat. I tried giving him even less food, but the belly is still fat. Then some days it goes down. I dont know whats up with him.

    Hes not sick, he doesnt act out of the ordinary aside from the skittish thing, he explores at night, does bichir stuff like sitting around stoically or sniffing for food or sitting directly in the middle of this Y shaped tree we have or behind the heater, but i just feel this is odd. Hes not a short bodied bichir as he has 9 spines on his back as opposed to the 7 SBs have.

    What could be the cause of the stunting of growth? The tank size? But then why did the other one get so big so fast? He seems to be a runt and much less aggressive than the other one. Hes not aggressive towards other fish and only bites when theres someone in his way. He doesnt try to actively kill and eat like the other two do, even though there are fish in the tank that he could probably catch if he wanted to.

    Will relocating him to a 30 gallon make him grow more? He will love it, i know that. I intend on moving the big fatties into a 55 gallon from the 40 bow and then put him and a ropefish into the 40 bow in their place.
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