TINY babies?!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Brooke, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. BrookeNew MemberMember

    I've never had pregnant fish before and we recently go some Molly fish and one was pretty fat. I googled everything I could and found out the sex of the fish and the fat one is female...all signs pointed to her about to have babies. I just looked in her breeding net and there TONS of tiny tiny almost microscopic fish!! Is that normal? All the videos and photos I found online had babies like 1/2in to 1in long!! I scooped them out and put them in a bowl b/c they are so tiny they fit through the netting!!
    Now what?

  2. BrookeNew MemberMember

    here is a pic. you can see them all along the edge of the dish and in the corner...so small!!

    tiny fry.jpg
  3. I keep fishWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to fishlore :;hi1

    I see you havent filled out your aquairum info go to (My settings in the right corner and then hit edit profile).Also please read up on the nitrogen cycle it is very helpful in fishkeeping.

    Just to let you know you will be having more of them. Livebearers breed like crazy!

    They look just to fine to me just make sure not to release back into the tank they will be lunch.

    Good day!
  4. BrookeNew MemberMember

    No I haven't filled out anything b/c I just signed up last night to ask this question lol.
    I've had tanks and fish forever just never lucky enough to have a female and male of the same kind lol
    I moved all those little babies to a bowl b/c they were so small that they were going right through the breeder net :( and it doesn't look like any made it!
    What am I suppose to put them in that will stay in the tank? I put water from the tank in the bowl when I transferred the babies.
  5. pirahnah3Fishlore VIPMember

    some times fish spawns just don't make it, and honestly your guppies will spawn again in a bit so no worries. Sometimes you can use a breeders box to keep mom and dad away from the kids for a while as well, or some people have entire aquariums setup to raising the young. In the end there are a lot of options you can use.

    So welcome to fish lore! enjoy your time here
  6. BrookeNew MemberMember

    Are the boxes better then nets? These little guys were so tiny they swam right through the tiny holes in the mesh netting. If I had them in a tank alone would it need a filter, b/c they would have been sucked up in seconds. :(
  7. EverlustNew MemberMember

    did you use tap water to fill the bowl ? the might be the cause as mentioned that it doesnt look like any of the fry made it. Some should stay alive. Btw , pirahnah3, it was mollies and not guppies :)
  8. BrookeNew MemberMember

    No I used water from the tank. I filled the bowl with the tank water then scooped out the little swimmers and put them straight in the bowl. They were very active and swimming like crazy. I went to bed and woke up to none of them moving :(
    All the videos I've watched on youtube of mollies having babies, their babies were very visible so I didn't know if these little guys were just born to early b/c I bought her yesterday morning and when I put her in my tank the male molly chased her trying to get frisky and she kept hiding. she obviously looks preg so I thought the breeder net was the best thing to keep her in while I went to bed so she was safe from the male since I couldn't watch them. I got up in the night and thought I'd check on her and that's when I saw all those little swimmers.
  9. BrookeNew MemberMember

    Could she still be preg?? Not the best pics but this is of her from above and from the side. she hangs around that plant in the photo of her from the side and stays there unless the other fish invade her space then she slowly swims around but goes right back to the plant (it's on the opposite side of the filter)
    molly side.jpgmolly top.jpg

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