Tinfoil barb

  1. benharmer87

    benharmer87 Member Member

    I got this fish I got with my tank and I don't want him cuz he's too big and I really rather have colorful fish of all types. He's about 4-5" and I'm wondering how much should I sell him for or should I just give him away. He's a redtailed tinfoil. Another question is what kkind of fish will look good in a 55g tank. I would like big and small. How many will fit in it?

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  2. ricmcc

    ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    If it were me, I would give him away to a good home, as they can be difficult to house. One needs an emourous tank, as Tinfoils are schooling fish and can each reach about 12-14".
    I can only suggest that you go with whatever fish that you like the look of, and will be suitable for a 55g (of course, I could suggest that you acquire a taste for mbuna :) ).
    Best, rick