Times you wish you had your camera!

MD Angels
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I suppose it could be in any situation, but I had our tanks in mind when I thought of this.

I usually have my camera of cell phone around, and often get some cute pics, but not always the videos.

One video I missed out on involved my Bn pleco and a medium sized apple snail.

I was watching my tank, and noticed Corneilious (the pleco) was out of his cave. Along strolled an aware apple, just minding her own business.

Grumpy old Cornhead (as I call him) flared his spikes, and swished his tail, but the snail kept gliding closer. Well, in a split second, corneilious had whipped his butt around and battled the snail like a soccer ball with his tail!
She went sailing up through the water and landed several inches away. LOL

That must have been the funniest thing I have seen. Wish I had been recording a video!!!!!

What about anyone else?
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Hmmm, my tilapia fry fallowing people back and forth across the tank was pretty nice. They were all 2-5" and in a school of around 100 or so in a 75. They would fallow people as they walked passed the tank, well one day my teacher had her collie in class and the collie was pacing the tank, the fish fallowed her tail.

Also, my Dg just the other day got into a fight with my clown over the new driftwood. The clown actually held his own and the DG moved on.
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The time I watched my oscars eating and I looked directly above the water and spooked him or something and he splashed a lot of water in my face
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we have a few...like the time I caught the shubunkin putting the goldie in a head lock!
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My male swordtail jumped about 3" out of the tank and landed back in the water.He did that about 3 times until I closed the lid.He just went to the front of the tank and acted like he was pouting.
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I wish I'd had my camera out when my corys were spawning and then when she was shooting the eggs against the tank walls. Great stuff.
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I wish I would have video taped our tank swap. Seeing lexI try to get our eheim running again was kinda hilarious. All that water shooting out at her. Ha ha, oh you need my help.
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The time my moms fire eel slapped my dad in the face for teasing her with her earthworm{she gets one every weekend they are her treat} you can say Naxie hates to be teased. He had a nice red mark for a couple days lol.
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Last night, my yabby Darling decided to pick up every single glass pebble in the substrate and arranged them into a little cairn in one corner of the tank. I can only imagine how long it took him to painstakingly lift each pebble and carry them across the tank without the benefit of opposable thumbs!

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