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    I am not a big electronics whiz, and frankly, I hardly know anything in this field. I would like to buy a timer to turn my aquarium lights on and off, so that my plants receive regular periods of lighting and, as a result, grow better. The problem is I have 2 tanks, and therefore 2 light strips. I will be soon planting my small tank (the larger one is already planted). When I searched online I found timers which allow to plug in only one light. Are there timers for 2 lights on the market? If there are none, is there any way I could use one timer for two light strips? (In the future I'll buy two light strips that will contain 2 bulbs each, bulbs will be high wattage, so I'd like a timer to take this into account for the future).
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    idk bout that but timers sure do help i hav one and its so much easier and the fish LOVE it just look around any sort of store that would sell that type of thing but u could just hav to timers for each light that turn on and off at the same time since it will jsut take two plugs in a pwer strip or outlet it owuld be no different then not having them and they may turn on slighty different times each day b/c ther sometimes used wen ppl arent home and this way it looks like sombodys home so ur homes not robbed make sense
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    I have seen some nice ones on   that have 2 different timers on them, allowing control of 2 sets of whatever you'd like.  These are basic power strips with timers built in.  I would give you a direct link but their site seems to be down right now. 
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    Thank you for your help Osiris :) Please read my reply to Chickadee, here:

    Is this the timer that you are talking about?
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    Yes, exactly. I have actually ordered two but haven't received them yet so can't tell you how well they work.
  6. IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    That's great. Can you tell me what you think of them once you have them? Because I am interested in ordering them too. THANKS :)
  7. OsirisNew MemberMember

    Sorry, I should have updated this before.  I bought the cheaper of the 2 (actually I bought one for each of my bigger tanks).  The ones with just one timer.  I also bought 2 lunar lights ( 1 lunar light and a lunar link) for my 20 gallon tank and I bought an expensive light strip that has double white light bulbs, double actinic bulbs and 2 white LED lunar lights all in one for the 37 gallon tank.  The strips work great with both setups.

    The ones I bought have 2 daytime outlets, 2 nighttime outlets and 4 outlets that are powered all the time.  With the timer, you choose when you want the daytime items powered and then when they are turned off the nigthtime items power up all night.    In a way I wish that you could have it so that both the night and day items turned off as well, so that the fish could be in complete darkness sometime during the night, but you can't with this one.  So instead, I just unplug the lunar lights some nights, just to give them some uninterrupted darkness.  Overall, though, I love these power strips and would highly recommend them.   ;D