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    I've been registered here a while and read loads and loads, but not really posted or introduced myself, so thought it was time to post a bit about me and my first/new tank.
    I'm Damien, i'm a self employed Electrician from Leeds, UK. I've always had a bit an interest in fish, sea life and the like, and have wanted an aquarium for years. Apart from owning goldfish as a child after winning one at a fair, I have never had the time, money or space for one.
    A couple of months ago while shopping for things for my house with my partner we stumbled across a local aquarist in a garden centre. While there admiring the fish we managed to talk ourselves into finally buying a tank. So I ordered the Juwel Rio 125, and picked it up a week later. During that week waiting, I read and read and read loads loads more. About loads of fish, advice on choosing fish, on tank maintenance and of course on cycling. Despite the aquarist telling me I could add fish a week later I went with the fishless cycling route, following the cycling with shrimp guide. Within 3 weeks my tank was cycled.
    I went to a different lfs to buy my first fish. 10 Neon Tetra and 4 Black Tetra, starting cheap and easy. They appear to be very happy and I love watching them.
    Last weekend in another lfs I spotted a fish I just had to add to my tank. The electric blue ram, they looked awesome. So aggressive looking but yet so cheeky and sociable. I'd seen Golden Ram and German Blue Ram, but these looked so much more special. I went home and read as much as I could about them. Despite some conflicting information on how to keep them and some reports that they are difficult fish to keep, I am absolutely positive I can, and absolutely determined to keep them happy. So on monday, straight after work I called in and picked 2 young ones out. They are currently swimming around in my tank, under my DIY blue nighttime led lights, happy as larry, looking cool.
    Loving the experience so far, and here are a few pics of my awesome Electric Blue Ram under the Blue night time led lights I put together for them. Ill try get some pictures under daylight tomorrow.

    Oh and I am still working on my photography skills so any advice on that would be much appreciated!
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    Welcome to Fishlore, Stanny!
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    Welcome Stanny! Kudos to you for doing your research first before buying, I wish we could all say the same.
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    :;hi1 Welcome to FishLore!
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    Hello and Welcome .

    Love the pics. Can't wait to see the daytime ones.
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    Thanks for the replies people, and those links look ideal, thank you!
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    Hello and Welcome! The electric blue ram is so awesome looking! :D
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    Hello Stanny welcome to fishlore :) nice to see another fellow Englander lol

    I too am looking forward to more pictures, a full tank shot would be nice too :D
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    Good morning and to welcomerainbow.gif Fish Lore!

    I hope you enjoy the site.

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    Welcome to Fishlore Stanny, glad to have you with us.
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    Thanks for the replies everybody.
    Imstill trying to work out the best lighting set up for my tank. I originally had it with 2x juwel high-lite day 9000 kelvin T5 tubes that came with it, but i felt they were too bright. So I placed the whole lighting unit in the leg of some tights i knicked from the missus, i thought this looked better, but yesterday while out and about i bought 1x juwel high-lite nature 4100 kelvin and 1x juwel high-lite colour, but still feel these are too bright so may have to go back to the tights trick
    Here are some more pics, there are more in my profile albums.

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    I think the tank looks beautiful. Personally, I don't think you have too much lighting, but others with more experience will be along to help you out with that.