Time To Add Fish

  1. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    So last week I cleaned out, changed the substrate on, and upgraded the equipment on my 20-gallon formerly neglected tank. One of my HOB filters broke in the process but the other one survived and its media was kept in tank water throughout the process. I had somewhat of a mini cycle when ammonia was briefly detectable in the tank. I decided to wait a week to even out the water chemistry, and to allow time for the new canister filter I bought to get its kinks out(I am keeping both the canister and HOB on at the same time for at least another month).

    Anyway, yesterday I tested the water and here are the results:

    Ammonia: 0ppm

    Nitrite: 0ppm

    Nitrate: 8ppm

    I think I am ready to add fish, but if anyone sees something I'm not seeing please let me know.

    Here is the stock I am planning:

    4x Peacock Gudgeon

    8x Lemon Tetra (one is currently in the tank from its previous iteration)

    5x Amano Shrimp

    2x Nerite Snail

    As to what to add when, I was thinking of adding the 7 lemon tetras tomorrow, and then the amano shrimp and snails later in the week as I have some algae I need cleaned :) . Then in two weeks I was planning to add some to all of the peacock gudgeons depending on what people say. Does this plan make sense and give the tank appropriate time to adjust?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Looks good! I would wait until the tank is more established before adding shrimp as they can be sensitive.
  3. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Okay, sounds good. I'll just add some more snails for the cleanup crew. Do you think the 7 lemons at once will be ok? Should I add prime or no?
  4. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    How did you cycle the tank and what was your ammonia source? Just curious since you said you set it up last week.
  5. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Well, it was an old tank that had been setup for 4 years. I kept all the plants and filter media from the previous tank. Also, I have one surviving lemon tetra and a nerite snail that I fed. I also put in 1-2 algae wafers to provide extra ammonia.

    I also kept large pieces of driftwood
  6. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    I see. I think your plan is ok but I would test daily to make sure you don't have an ammonia/nitrite spike. I agree to add the shrimp last.
  7. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Sounds good. Should I do any especially large water changes or dose prime to minimize the chance of anything bad happening?
  8. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    I would just add 2 or 3 fish at a time then
  9. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Okay, so maybe 3 lemon tetras today and 3 more Wednesday?

    I just want them to have an acceptable school soon
  10. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Yeah that would be fine just watch the parameters in case of a mini cycle.

    Make sure you quarantine them though
  11. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    I don't currently have a quarantine set up, but I trust my lfs, which quarantines all fish arrivals. In the near future hopefully before I get the peacock gudgeons I will have a qt tank setup. Anyway I don't really have anything to lose since only one fish is in the tank currently.
  12. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Also, when it comes to the gudgeons my local lfs doesn't stock them. They said they might be able to find some space and order some of them, if they can't does anyone know of the best website to acquire some?
  13. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    I believe trinsfish has them in stock. Their customer service is excellent.
  14. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Cool! I ended up getting 5 lemon tetras as the ones at my lfs were tiny juveniles. They had a special if you bought five and since they were juveniles I went for it. Btw they were some of the healthiest most active fish I've ever seen in a tank at a store.
  15. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Just checked ammonia after feeding earlier in the day. Undetectable so far so good.
  16. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    I think adding 5 was fine. I'd get the other 2-3 in a few days.
  17. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Okay. If I don't detect any ammonia should I do a water change or just wait until Tuesday for my regularly scheduled one?
  18. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Also, should I wait maybe 2 weeks to get the peacock gobies or is that too long/short?
  19. BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    2 weeks is fine.
  20. inFERNal_inFERNo Initiate Member

    Ok sounds good. It's going to be torture to wait lol