Tiger barbs

  1. Cshawn

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    I have had my tank running for about 3 weeks now I let it cycle b4 adding any fish. It's been about 3 weeks since I add fish . I added 8 tiger barbs 2 3 dot gourami 2 blue gourami and to plecostomus algae eaters. With in the 1st 2 weeks 1 of the blue gourami and both plecos died in took that as a sign and tested the water everything was fine. Right now I'm still making sure they are not sick. Over the past several days I've noticed that a few of the barbs are getting kind of swollen but are still very activein was wondering if any body could tell me why this is and what this is. I have two hobs one is a aqua tech 30-60 and the other is a top fin 75 . 1 200 watt heat also 100 watt heater . And an 12 air stone .I will attach pictures of the barbs. The tank only has gravel in it at the moment. 1466721674216.jpg 1466721682846.jpg


    I'm new to barbs and gourami but have 8 years of keeping other fish ex. Red belly pacu it was in my 90g until it started getting to big had to remove her she was 24"" b4 the guy came and got her
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    Hmm how much are you feeding them? What's the parameters? Do you have 2 common plecos?
  3. OP

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    I had 2 both died within the1st 2 weeks I was feeding them 2 times daily once b4 work and when I got home about 11 to 12 houtlrs later when 8 fist noticed them starting to look like this I switched to once daily when I get home water parameters are 0 0 20 to 30 ran out of the test going to pick up some more tomarrow.