Tiger Barbs sitting at the bottom of the tank


Hello, I have a 50 gallon stocked with 16 tiger barb. I originally had 10 of the common stripped tiger barb the yellow ones with black stripes with black sand substrate. I thought the substrate was a little boring and everything showed so I went with a fine gravel but my barb literally blend in with the new substrate. I really like the look of the tank so I picked up 6 of the green tiger barb and added them and they look great. Problem is sometimes they all hang at the bottom of the tank. They really didn't do it with the black sand, could it be that they are blending in to feel safer? I have tried different lighting and really doesn't make much of a difference. They are a little more active with brighter lighting but not much. I don't have much flow in the tank and I wonder if this maybe why. My parameters are good and they don't look scared and are eating very well.


I have a 40g breeder with 12 Tiger Barbs. No other fish. My substrate is sand. They are all almost fully grown and are close to two years old.
Every so often they do the same thing. They want to hide in the caves and behind plants. All 12 of them.
Sometimes they might not even show themselves at feeding.
After a couple three days they get back to normal. I am not sure why and have thought it might be breeding behavior? I'm not sure.
So just wait it out. Your water is good and really there is not much else you can do.

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