Tiger Barbs Resting Position Question

Discussion in 'Tiger Barb' started by shell_masters, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. shell_mastersValued MemberMember

    Hi all,
    I've had my tiger barbs for around a week now, and they seem to be doing great! Really active and mostly bother each other. However, I noticed that when they are not chasing each other around, they float in a vertical manner. I've heard that this is just their resting position, but I wanted to hear your opinions on the matter. There is a 1:2 male to female ratio, ammonia is 0, the pH is around 6.5, and the temperature is 77 Fahrenheit. Thanks!
  2. abc123d30Well Known MemberMember

    I'm not that sure about the resting position thing, but if your aquarium info is correct, I think your tank is a bit overstocked. A 10 gallon aquarium isn't really big enough for even a school of tiger barbs alone and I see you also have scissortails and cories too.

    The TBs might be ok now but they could develop some aggression issues due to the small amount of space you've provided them and with that many fish in that tank it would be easy for ammonia/nitrite/nitrates to build up.

    My advice would be to either rehome the tiger barbs or invest in a larger tank for your fish (20 gallon at least, although bigger would be better).
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  3. shell_mastersValued MemberMember

    Yes I have 3 tigers with one cory and one scissortail. I'll probably end up getting a bigger tank though because I've had so much fun with the small one :)
  4. NMfishmanWell Known MemberMember

    My tigers always rest in a head down position as well. Like Rachel said you really need to get a bigger tank, and I hope you have more than just one scissortail and one cory because they need to be in schools. These fish even when small can NOT stay in a tank that small, please get them a bigger tank
  5. abc123d30Well Known MemberMember

    Yeah getting a bigger tank would be good, you have so many more options with larger tanks and they're a lot of fun too! ;D

    Although you might want to do it fast because even though all your fish seem fine now, things can go very wrong, very fast, and very unexpectidly.

    First off, with only 3 tigers there is a high risk of them becoming overly aggressive with each other and other tank mates. They do best in schools of 5 or more. Second, as it was said in the post above, scissortails and cories also like being in schools. I would suggest that cories should be in a school of at least 4 and I'm not sure about the scissors but I would assume they like schools of 5 or more like the TBs.

    Sorry if I seem like I'm nagging but just wanted to warn you of the risks of keeping these fish in a 10 gallon tank. Hope everything works out and keep us updated!
  6. Betta WhispererWell Known MemberMember

    Depending on there age the male when mature and ready to breed will hang in a vertical postion.
  7. shell_mastersValued MemberMember

    Thanks for the info! So far they all still seem happy and the barbs still mainly stick to themselves. Sometimes the cory even chases them around :) I'll keep you guys posted on how things are going.
  8. haji4Valued MemberMember

    My mated pair of Albino tiger barbs do that now that they have spawned. They have not been still for 2 weeks prior. I guess they are tired.

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