Tiger Barbs in 5 gallon


I need some tips on how to keep my fish alive. The pets store worker recommended 3 tiger barbs for a 5 gallon tank, so we got that. When I got home, I did some research and realized that a 5 gallon tank was too small and I’m not allowed to get a bigger tank. Is there anything I can do?


Return them to the same pet store worker you bought them from. Seriously, these are really active fish and thicker bodied and better off with at least six of them in a significantly larger tank. Hard to recommend anything other than a betta for a 5 gallon tank.


As fallfever said, returning those fish to the pet store is your best option at this point. I would also read up on the Nitrogen Cycle (saw in your profile that you don't know what it is) if you plan on keeping any more fish as it is the single most important thing for fish health. The only things I could recommend for a tank this small is the mentioned Betta, small snails, or dwarf shrimp.


I agree with what everyone else said. One more option you have is having 2 adf frogs in the 5g as well

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