Tiger Barbs - Gravid, Bloated Or Just Chubs

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Birds, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Birds

    Birds New Member Member

    I have 4 tiger barbs. 2 look chubbier than the other 2. Are these 2 gravid, bloated, or just chubby?
    20180620_002208.jpg 20180620_002541.jpg
  2. Ryan Neidinger

    Ryan Neidinger Valued Member Member

    I have a few tiger barbs and they are all a little chubby in the stomach. I wouldn’t worry about it but they are schooling fish. I would recommend keeping them in odd numbers and a minimum of 5 if possible with tank size and tank mates. Don’t over cloud tank but schooling fish like tiger barbs are recommended to be kept in odd numbers.
  3. OP

    Birds New Member Member

    Thank you for the helpful info. I will share with my husband; they're his fishies.

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