Tiger Barbs Being Evil Help | Page 2

  1. Daryl Member Member

    Are they all the same size? All the fish I mean.
  2. ChristheShark Member Member

    The barbs are smaller

  3. Daryl Member Member

    The only problem i have had from my tigers is when I put a juvenile platy in to soon. They nipped part of her tail fin off. But it grew back after I put her back in the grow out tank

    Do you have plants ect ,places where your angels can hide? I had at one time a large artificial plant that I placed in the middle of the tank so that it basically made two separate tank areas for the territorial fish to claim. And separate the aggressive fish.

    I also had a male platy who became a bully. I caught him up and made him stay in a breeding box for a few days, when I let him out he was fine, only harassed the female platys.
  4. ChristheShark Member Member

    I do have a house I can put in there but I'm not sure if they can fit.

  5. Daryl Member Member

    Well, you may need to rehome them, or get some kind of plants or deco to set up somewhere for the fish to hide in and develop territories. I hope you can figure out how to help them get along. Sometimes you have to make changes and adjustments to get everybody to get along. Sometimes no matter what you do it doesn't work. Then you have to remove and rehome the problem fish. If I remember correctly you have a 55 gal. tank, with that much room I would think you could work it out, but sometimes their instinct to harass is just too strong. Hope this helps.
  6. Daryl Member Member

    I'm sitting here watching my display tank now. Its funny,but the most aggressive tiger barb i have is the smallest. I've seen him following other breeds of fish and pecking at them. Then all of a sudden, the largest tiger barb will go after him. As if he's getting on to him for picking on the other fish
    I hope you can keep your 'barbs, I really enjoy mine. I call them my "puppy's" cause that's what they act like when they are playing. Have a great day.
  7. ChristheShark Member Member

    Thank you sir, I rated you for being a nice helper.

  8. SixThreeOh Member Member

    I have one who does the same. He's probably the 3rd or 4th biggest male, but is the most aggressive. He hangs around my silver dollars and nips them. Sometimes he'll go after my rainbow shark, who just runs away. One time his nipped my redtail shark, and got a beating.

    About once a week, my barbs have a tournament to see who the top dog is. This one guy beat up all the other males one after another. All the defeated males went and formed a group on the opposite side of the tank and hung out there for a awhile before rejoining the others.

    Tiger barbs are a really fun fish to have.
  9. Daryl Member Member

    Yes they are, I've saw mine playing tug of war, three fish at once at times.
  10. Daryl Member Member

    @ChristheShark I was looking at the picture the showed of the barbs. I didn't see any plants. Do you have any plants? Live or artificial? If not the first thing I would do I go by some artificial plants , several of varying heights . You may be surprised if the Angels have a place to hide and the barbs have something to do besides picking at the Angels.

  11. ChristheShark Member Member

    Yes I need to get some plants my tank is still bare, I should of bought them before even putting fish in them
  12. Daryl Member Member

    Yeah you live and learn. You can get them pretty cheap at Walmart. Also Petco and PetSmart usually have some packages with several different plants in them pretty cheap
  13. Daryl Member Member

    I think some plants would help. They sure can't hurt.