Tiger Barbs and Panda Cories


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Just thought I would post this as general info since I haven't found any similar warning in my readings so far. A couple of weeks ago I bought 4 Panda Cories and put them in my 55 Gal tank with, among other fish, 5 Tiger Barbs. At first the Cories were very timid and stayed separated (see post in Beginners forum). I began to worry about them because they never seemed to exhibit "normal" Cory behavior of playing and scurrying. This past Sunday I noticed a flurry of activity out of the corner of my eye. When I looked at the tank I noticed one Panda Cory running for his life from 4 of the Tiger Barbs. The Tigers were nipping and chasing and the Cory was just looking for a place to hide. Eventually the Tigers cornered the Cory on the side of one of the decorations, where he just flopped over and lay on his side.

By this time I had the fish net out and was shooing the Tigers from what looked like the lifeless corpse of the Cory. When I netted him I noticed that he moved a little. I set up a make-shift breeders net with the fish net, a hankerchief and some clips (hey, I've watched MacGyver). I then set up my 10 gal Quarantine tank and seeded it with a little bit of gravel and some of the smaller decorations from the 55 Gal.

I moved the wounded little Cory to the Quarantine tank and began my search for his frightened compatriots. I found two of the remaining three Cories. The fourth, I believe has already been killed by the Tigers. I moved the other two survivors into the 10 Gal tank.

Within an hour the two healthy Cories began to explore their new world and scurry around the way I have always thought they should. Meanwhile the wounded one remained motionless. Once again I feared the worst, but once again he surprised me by moving.

Over the past couple of days, the wounded Cory has begun to move more and feed. He is still not as active as the other two but he appears to be getting better. I have named him Lazarus because of the number of time I thought he had passed over into the great pond in the sky, only to see him rise from the dead.

I have decided to leave them in the 10 Gal and once I have made sure it has cycled I will probably get some nice peaceful neon tetras to put in there with them.


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I'm so sorry this happened to you. I have never heard of tiger barbs being so mean to cory cats! Watch your pandas closely. They are one of the more delicate species of corys and don't handle ammonia and nitrites very well.


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Poor Cory!   I was going to get some Pandas myself, although I had a change of plans.  I hope he gets better.  Keep on the look out for the 4th one--catfish are masters of hiding from view, and if he is dead you don't want him rotting in the tank.   I've heard reports of Tigers being mean, but not that mean! :-\ 


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That is a horrible, mean, story in one way, but in another way, it's not so bad, because you did the right thing and used quick thinking to save your Cory. Good job, and good luck with the cories!

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