Tiger Barb Tankmates

  1. BriLandy

    BriLandy Well Known Member Member

    Hi all,

    I've settled on a school of tiger barbs for my 29 gallon tank (1 died, have 9 currently). They've been ruling the roost on their own for about 3-4 weeks now and have settled in nicely. I had a smaller tank with a few zebra danios set up for my daughter, but she randomly dumped her pancake and syrup breakfast in her tank to feed the danios! (Aww, I know, but what a mess!) Luckily, I was able to save three of the danios and had no choice but to toss them in with the tiger barbs. The danios appear to think they're part of the tiger barb school! It's kind of funny.

    Anyways, I'm thinking I will re-home the danios since the temperature ranges don't match very well. In their place, I've been thinking of adding kuhli loaches or some other sort of bottom dweller. Also considering 1-2 pea puffers. I don't think the tank is large enough to have another school of mid/top dwellers? Suggestions would be nice.

    pH 6.0-6.4, temp 76 degrees F, water is very soft.
  2. S

    Sina Valued Member Member

    Don't go for puffers they need one species only tank not sure about kuhli loaches and tiger barbs
  3. OP

    BriLandy Well Known Member Member

    From what I've read about pea puffer, they do fine with other fish given proper space and coverage. Have you kept them?
  4. Samuel97

    Samuel97 Well Known Member Member

    I had a pea puffer pair (love typing that) in a community tank and after promptly clearing out my snail population nipped everything and anything aswell as constantly scoring about the tank a tank full speed,

    I took them out and into their own tank they have calmed down and seem a lot happier, including interacting with each other more

    Khuli loaches are often timid aswell as fairly defenceless, and will be bullied by the boystrous barbs. If you were to go with a corydoras go with a decent sized group of a type with nice strong spines on them as they tend to be bullied far less due to their extra defenders.
  5. OP

    BriLandy Well Known Member Member

    The pea puffers are so cute and hard to resist. I'm thinking that if I did go that route, that I would grow my own snails in a gallon tank to hopefully keep them happy. I wouldn't want them going after the barbs to compete for their food or something.

    I didn't think that barbs would mess with kuhlis since they are in separate areas of the tank. I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

    Last night I was thinking about gouramis as well. I read about a few people who keep gold or blue gourami with tiger barbs successfully. I personally like pearl and moonlight gouramis, but I'm not sure if their temperament is too shy.
  6. i

    ikolbyi Valued Member Member

    I successfully had a Neon Gourami happily live with Black Ruby, Odessa, and Gold Barbs. The Black Ruby would be the closest to Tiger in terms of size and personality.
  7. B

    Baron Dimentio New Member Member

    I keep my tiger barbs with opaline gouramis if those fish interest you...
  8. M

    Manoj Arora Valued Member Member

    You could try a school of neon tetras. They are small peaceful fish. Maybe you like them