Tiger Barb Pregnant Or Sick?

Discussion in 'Tiger Barb' started by jehorton, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. jehortonValued MemberMember

    866C8C4D-8130-4191-83A9-142DA9B1559F.jpeg I was getting home from shift this morning and noticed one of my tiger barbs looking pretty big in the belly and also has become transparent almost in the area. The barb is also not swimming as much with the others and staying behind objects so my pictures are terrible but I’ll put one up. The substance I can see in the belly looks brown almost but I’m just hoping she’s about to pop out some kids.

  2. Ryan NeidingerValued MemberMember

    I don’t know for sure what it is but I read that if it is constipation the best way to treat it is by crushing up a pea and feed it to the fish. That could help the problem if it is constipation. i Would research a bit on sexing tiger barbs to see if it is male or female, reason being you could narrow down the options if it is a male. Good luck with your barb
  3. jehortonValued MemberMember

    It turns out it’s a female. So still 50/50 on what is going on. I’ll try to feed a pea but knowing my other barbs, they will swarm it haha
  4. Ryan NeidingerValued MemberMember

    Good luck. I hope you get it figured out. Hope all works out for the best
  5. Ronoc94Valued MemberMember

    I believe im having the same issue, i have 14 tigers and 5 of them have very large stomachs ( about the same size in the picture above) but theyre still coloured fine.

    Would you recommend cooked peas or just raw?
  6. jehortonValued MemberMember

    I’m starting to think mine aren’t pregnant and just bloated and constipated. One has a turd that’s been hanging for an hour now. I haven’t tried peas or anything yet. I’ll try this afternoon and I hear cucumber works as well
  7. Ryan NeidingerValued MemberMember

    Good luck with the barbs. I hope they get better.
  8. jehortonValued MemberMember

    95B0B153-45D5-4E0D-A130-1573F6D9150F.jpeg A few days later and still looking bloated. I tried feeding more vegetable and flake diet to fix. Still don’t know if pregnant or not.
  9. Ryan NeidingerValued MemberMember

    That doesn’t look so good. I’m not an expert on fish but that looks like a disease. If I were you, I would if u have one, put it in another tank and see if there is any medicine for internal infections or diseases.
  10. jehortonValued MemberMember

    Unfortunately I do not have another tank to quarantine. That fish has been like that for a week or so now. I have been treating the tank with paraguard for another fish that has minor fin rot. That fish has also been the “ugly” one of the group I got when I purchased about a month ago. Always been see through almost with red internals near the gills.

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