Tiger Barb Care Guide


Tiger Barb
(Puntius tetrazona)

Common names:
Tiger barb, Sumatra barb, Albino tiger barb, Green tiger barb
Size: 8cm
pH: 6.5 – 8.0
Tempº: 20ºC - 26ºC (68 F - 78 F)
Tank region: Middle layer
Origin: Indonesia, Sumatra, Borneo
Gender: Males are more brightly coloured.
Notes: This fish is notoriously aggressive, and for good reason. When kept in numbers under 6 – these fish will become shy and start nipping tank mate’s fins. However, this can be totally prevented by keeping more than 6 Tigers barbs. You can buy albino and green variations of this beautiful striped fish. Tiger barbs are incredibly hardy – and as long as there is a good number of barbs and some decent tank space it is a great beginner’s fish. However they should never be kept with Bettas.
Image: The Tiger Barb is somewhat similar to the Fivebanded Barb in appearance; and indeed the Fivebanded barb is usually a better choice for a community tank because of it's more peaceful nature.








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