tiger barb and bristlenose

  1. abc123d30 Well Known Member Member

    Do you guys think a bristlenose pleco would do okay in a 20 gallon tank with 6 tiger barbs? If not is there a good algae eater that would do okay instead of the pleco?
  2. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    Even a BN can get 5 or 6 inches big...
  3. abc123d30 Well Known Member Member

    You can still keep them in 20 gallon tanks, they don't a whole lot of room to swim like other more active fish and the albino BN doesn't get as big as the regular kind, from what I've read.
  4. Bad Wolf Well Known Member Member

    Albino ones get just as large as the common BN plecos. I'd say 6 tiger bars in a 20 gallon tank is a bit over crowded already, but I guess it could work. Tiger barbs wont rip the BN into pieces.
  5. abc123d30 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah I wasn't sure about the albinos, them being smaller is just what I came across one time reading about them, thank you for clearing that up for me :)

    I do plan to move the tigers into a larger tank in the future though, when they get a bit bigger.