Tiger And Green Barbs: General Info

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    Too many fish, too small tank, aggressive fin nippers; no problem!

    8 Gallons, 21 fish: 8 Tiger Barbs, 3 Sumatra Barbs (Green). The Greens are also Tiger species so school together.
    2 Zebra Loaches, 2 female Swordtails (will get males), 6 Cardinal Neons.
    I grew up with a small 5 gal community tank and I want my six year old son to experience what I did, to learn a little about life. But, I'm in the Philippines now and the LFS don't carry many species. The Tigers were my first purchase because they were small and interestly active, and the 2 loaches. I knew nothing about tiger barbs. I got 5. Shortly thereafter I got three guppies, 2 males and a female, all another store had. They seemed ok. I noticed the barbs were flashing, rubbing on the shells and knew ich was a possibility. I put in medicine, raised temperature, and stopped feeding as recommended. The last was a bad idea. When hungry the tigers ate the tailfins of the fantail guppies, and they died. Then the female disappeared. I think she jumped out of the tank. I want guppies because the make lots of babies, and K want my son to see nature in action as I did. The medicine killed my plants. I read that a minimum of tigers around ten fish will keep them busy deciding who's boss among themselves. I got six more and let them settle in, and two female swordtails, and one pink Danio, a glowfish, all they had. They are fast or quick enough to dscape nipping barbs and there is no problem. The barbs leave them alone starting one day after introduction to the tank. I found a store in Cebu City. They had six Cardinal Neons. I love these peaceful beauties. I got them all. But many predicted they wouldn't last a day! What to do?
    They needed to adjust to tank temperature so I put the plastic bag in the tank. The tigers began going to the Neons immediately and bumped the plastic bag trying to get to them. The Neons didn't seem afraid, curious about the barbs, safely in the bag. I left them safe in the large bag for four hours. I wanted the tigers to get bored and stop being interested in them. That happened in about three hours. Then I fed the Barbs! A little later, I put the Neons in the tank, and watched, and waited! The Tiger Barbs left them alone as they had for the last hour, 4 total. It is now a week later with no problems! Yea! I change 25% of the water once a week or more. I clean the small sponge filter once every two weeks or sooner. There is also a stone bubbler next to the filter. I will get new plants, both rooted and floating, for hiding places and oxygen, then try to add guppies again, following the same procedure. I believe the Tiger Barbs vie for leader of the pack and keep busy among themselves, but I feed three times per day for insurance. They are wolves! So far, it's a Tiger Barb dominated, peaceful community tank. The Swords and Neons and lone Danio, (until I can get more), swim among them and/or school together with no hassles.
    The Neons hang out in the calm water away from the bubbler current. The Swordtails love the bubbles & current. The loaches are bottom dwellers but also very fast. The plants are essential, and I have many sea shells that offer hiding as well. We'll see.
    I know, I will eventually get a much bigger tank! It's a matter of space for the present time. I will keepnyou posted. So far, the Tiger Barbs, well fed and all 11, are pussycats!
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    I've kept tigers for years. Keep a close eye on nitrate levels in the tank. Tigers essentially don't have stomachs, so they eat, digest and poop. With that many in such a small tank you'll need to clean your substrate often. And when small, the tigers are pretty manageable, but once a few of them start getting bigger you may notice fish disappearing. I had that problem before. Fish weren't jumping out of the tank, the tigers were killing the weaker ones and eating them. Took me a couple months to figure out what was happening till I was cleaning substrate one day and vacuumed up the remains (picked to the bone) of one of my mysterious disapperances. Another thing I noticed was every time a fish would disappear, the others would suddenly grow larger.
    And the tigers nipping at the bags in your tank is them associating the lid opening and something being put in the tank to feeding time.
    They're very cool fish, but make no mistake, people keep tiger barbs with red belly piranha. There are vids on youtube.... They are frenzy feeders just like piranha.
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    First of all I would say "duh, of course their pussycats, didn't you know tigers are part of the cat family?".

    Your dodging a massive bullet, or in this case a nuclear bomb. I'm just scared of the amount of Bio-load produced in a tank of that size.

    Is your tank cycled? If not, you'll have to do 2-3 water changes a week to help your fish out.

    The zebra loaches can survive on their own but they like being in at least groups of 5 or 6, they like to shoal with each other.
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    Thanks, I'm a little surprised but you see I said TBs are wolves. I know they're predators. I plan on putting them in a 72! I'll make the small tank for guppies and other peaceful fish, live bearers. Just added plants. All the fish love it.
    I took a video. But I see they grew already and just get started swimming when they run into the glass. However, the Danio, Swordtails and even the Cardinal Neons seem quick enough to escape nips. How many Tigers do you keep? I do change water and clean filter frequently. Your comments are fully appreciated.

    I do clean the substrate with each water change just by stirring up the water and using a net. Seems to work. I need to go tonthe city to get a vacuum, hoping they have one.
    My kid wants a Flowerhorn! Oy! I thought he'd be happy with guppies, a few Angels, Swords, CNeons, etc.

    He is six!
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    It never seems to be enough... A cyphon tube and a 5 gallon bucket are all I use to change water and vacuum substrate. Does just fine.
    I have 9 tigers, 2 gouramis, 2 blue ram cichlids, an albino chinese algea eater and a bristle nosed pleco in a 29 gallon tank.