Three Month Old Tank Set Up And Questions

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Hey everyone!
I've set up a 90 litre freshwater community tank and it's been running for three months now.
Once cycled we have slowly added 5 platies, 6 bloodfin tetras, 5 corys and 1 dwarf gourami.
Everyone seemed very happy until our Gourami passed away a couple of days ago. It was very sudden, at first he seemed a bit lethargic and within 18 hours he was dead. We were very upset and had no idea why this happened.
We tested all our water and all seemed within normal rang. Ammonia and Nitrite are 0 and Nitrate is 10mg/l. Our ph is at 7.4 (which hasn't changed from day 1 despite some effort at the start, however we've agreed having it be stable is better than messing with it too much). Kh is 3 and gh is 7.
We have some java moss and anubias nana I believe, as well as an airstone. Water changes are weekly and around 15-30%.

Anyway! After all of that I just want to make sure I am doing the best for my fish as the death of the Gourami made me feel awful and question everything so far.
I am wanting to get a new feature fish but have no idea what a good option is now as I don't want to introduce someone new just to die a couple months later.

Thanks for all your help and looking forward to being a part of the community


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Dwarf gouramis can be hard to keep alive. At least, I've had no luck with them. They seem overbred and weak, plus they're exhausted by the time they get here from Thailand. So I wouldn't take it personally--you did quite well in keeping him alive as long as you did. I would say that if you 3 spot gourami would be a better option as a center piece. They seem tougher. At least, I've been able to keep them alive much longer.

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