Three Missing Rummy Nose Tetras - No Sign

55 gal community tank. 9 glowlight tetras, 5 cherry barbs, 2 dwarf gourami, 1 angel fish, 8 cory cats, 3 black kuhliI loaches, 1 BN pleco, 6 blue rams. Added a school of 12 rummy nose tetras - very tight schooling and constantly active. Found one belly up the next morn. Since then, three more missing in a matter of days. Checked all plants, examined substrate, no trace.
1) Where the heck did they go?
2) If they died, would any species of my bottom dwellers removed all evidence?
3) Should I be concerned with any chemical/harmful build-up? (Still on my 30-40%/week PWC)

P.S. The rmt's were not as fat, but similar (maybe a tad smaller) that the glow lights at ~1.5"
The body might go in to your filter or stuck behind one of your decorations check your water for ammonia if it's getting high means something is decomposing and yes there might be finish by other tank mates and I think you have some stocking issues too
You have some stocking issues if you'd like to discuss them.

If they died, they were probably eaten - I wouldn't be surprised if this happened and you never saw traces of them.

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