Three day old fry in tank with camalanus worms!!!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Bishop, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. BishopNew MemberMember

    Please help!! We have a tank with nine newborn fry and the adults have camallanus worms!! We need to know how to treat the baby's. I don't want any of them to die!!!:(): we ordered this stuff and we know we have to put it in the food or it will not work.Fish Bendazole 250mg Fenbendazole Powder (3 packets) please Help!!!
  2. lorianne621Valued MemberMember

    I have never had this problem but a friend of mine did and she ordered this deworming has the medicine already in it. she crumbled it up tiny for them...
    She still lost a couple of her adult guppies but most the fry lived.

    Good luck with the little guys.
  3. frogfanValued MemberMember

    do you add water to the powder and soak the food? i would just fallow the directions and make sure to grind or crush the flakes for the fry up small you may lose some but if you dont treat you will end up losing them all
  4. BishopNew MemberMember

    Thank you Lurianne and frogfan for your input! I don't actually have the powder yet we will be getting it on Saturday. And yes I think you add water to the powder and soak the food in it. We ordered the flakes to so if the powder doesn't work we will use those. And besides its good to have in case and I pray it will not, but if it does happen again I will have extra! Thank you guys and may God Bless you!
  5. frogfanValued MemberMember

    the problem with these worms is once 1 fish has them all the fish do and fry are born with them the worms have dozens of babies a day so the tanks infested long before you even know the worms are there .
  6. BishopNew MemberMember

    Ok.... Well the meds will be here on Saturday. I was hoping they didn't have them.:( but I think they will be ok.. Thanks for your reply. Hopefully the food and meds will kill them off. And is there anything else I need to do? Like cleaning wise?

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  7. frogfanValued MemberMember

    Im not sure what the instructions with those meds will be but like with any other parisite u will want to do frequent gravel vacs and shake out any plants u have because dead worms and worm eggs will be on the plants and substrate. then sterilize anything you use for water changes with a mild bleach salution then rinse with water and 3x amount of declorinator. do not Cross contaminate your tanks either if you have more then 1 and use the same stuff for wc in all the tanks all tanks will need to be treated .

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  8. BishopNew MemberMember

    Ok, makes sense. Yeah we will start to get stuff to use only in one tank and not to use in all of them. Thank you! You have been very helpful!

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