Threadfin Rainbows Strange Behaviour? Question

  1. ThreadfinQueenx Initiate Member

    Hi I have 5 male threadfins water conditions are fine I changed the water yesterday but I was wondering about a strange upwards to the side movement that one of my fish is doing and has been for a week now, its not because he is feeding because he does it every twenty minutes or so, could it be down to stress or even worse disease? I've researched on the internet and found something similar but it was in clownfish so maybe it can happen to any fish. Normal behaviour is flicking fins chasing each other round the tank ect.
  2. Initiate Member Member

    Is it a twitching movement? Can you attach a video?
  3. ThreadfinQueenx Initiate Member

    I can't attach video but it is like watching yes do you know what it is?
  4. Initiate Member Member