Threadfin Acara breathing fast

  1. Outsider1911 Member Member

    One of my threadfin acara is breathing extremely fast. Only fish in the tank that is breathing fast and not eating. The rest are acting fine... his fins aren't clamped, he isn't flashing ... does stay in usual spot with the rest of threadfins... he's the biggest one, and kind of getting chased but never harmed by altifrons/severum.... weird that no one else is affected. what could he have?
  2. Outsider1911 Member Member

    no signs of ich or anything visible to the eye. he's been stand offish for about a week now. but just recently started breathing fast and eating no food at all.
  3. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    So I've got a load of questions(always do...XD), what size tank, what are the parameters, what other fish do you have, how long has it been set up, any new additions, is it cycled, how long have you had him?
  4. Outsider1911 Member Member

    it's a 125g. 40% water changes twice a week. never nitrites or ammonia, nitrates stay low ph stays around 7.0.. set up for 6 months but the filters have been going for well over a year. last new addition was a hoplarchus and that was 2 months ago. 4 threadfin acaras, 5 red head tapajos, 1 altifrons, 2 severums.
  5. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Possibly stress, or simply out-of-breath from being chased, especially if there isn't a great deal of aeration in the tank. How much turnover do you have from the filters? And do the outlets push the water across the surface?
  6. Outsider1911 Member Member

    i got 2 eheim 2215s and a fluval 406 and 2 air discs...he swims and even sits in like a 45 degree angle with his up and his tale lower.... like he has a weight attached to his tail... i hope he get's better he's one of my favorites
  7. Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    It sounds like a swim bladder problem, I'd fast for three days then feed him a pea.
  8. Outsider1911 Member Member

    thank you swim bladder sounds like it could definitely be it. thanks for replies i will look into it!!!
  9. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    It sounds more like a submissive posture to me, especially as it's the biggest Acara. You might need to remove the Severum.
  10. Outsider1911 Member Member

    so you think it's just from being chased out of his corner? The altifrons is the one who does it the most and occasionally the severum does it as well. the don't relentlessly chase his around the tank just get him out the corner and leave him alone.. he doesn't have a single nipped fin or any damage from it. It does make sense... i will move a few things around and see it the situation improves. Thanks a lot for the input!
  11. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    You'll have to move some out anyway as they grow, or the tank will become very overstocked.

  12. Outsider1911 Member Member

    i got rid of a few fish and moved the severum temporarily a couple days ago and no improvement in the threadfin acara.. tried feeding him a pea wouldn't eat it.. although most the rest seemed to really enjoy.. the sick acara is always on a 45 degree with head on the high side or sitting on the sand... when he's on a 45 he wiggles kind of like a snake. Must be struggling..