Thrashing And Rolling Around?!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by mitchellh97, Apr 17, 2018.

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    Finally got a big tank for My new flowerhorn. He’s about 5-6 inches and ever since I got him I’ve been dosing paraguard and ramped up the temp to 86 and have added salt to fight a nasty case of ich. I’ve had him for one week now and yesterday he really started to seem better after adding the salt I’ve kept the ParaGard in there the entire week the temperature has stayed up and all of today I noticed he is an acting quite normal he’s not as active and looking around he hides in one side of the tank doesn’t move very much and now about five minutes ago he had one spurred not like any other time he scratched but thrashing on the top of the water and going completely erratic at the surface of the water hitting against the lid and freaking out lasted about five seconds and then he nearly completely stopped moving. He turned upside down with erratic breathing I put my hand in held them right side up and put them in under in air stone. He came back to normal but he is staying in the very corner of the bottom of the tank and not really moving much nose to the corner. The extremes like it’s pretty much gone the only spots left our big and fluffy so I’m assuming they’re about to fall off I’ve done regular vacuum to clean off the bare bottom glass that I have. Does this sound like normal behaviour towards the end of the ich cycle? I’m really worried I don’t want to lose him and anytime I’ve ever seen behaviour like that is when one of my platies was about to die. He doesn’t seem very active and he still breathing heavy and he’s not really moving at all but it doesn’t seem like he is wobbling back-and-forth he’s just staying pressed to the side of the glass with his nose in the corner. This is been the only time that he’s acted like that the most I’ve ever seen was him brushing his sides against the bottom to Itch.
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    Seriously? 3 hours and 23 views and not one reply? Someone posts about a Cory not eating and in 12 minutes has 21 reply’s?!