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    IMG_20180422_205405.jpg So right here is the newly scaped 30 gallon fish tank. I plan on adding tall plants like hairgrass (not the dwarf kind) for the fish to swim through on the right side, and most likely adding more rotala or some other stem plant that I could make into a nice clump. Current stocking is;
    1 male paradise fish who mainly does his own thing and controls the center of the tank from the middle up.
    6 corydoras catfish, 3 bandit corydoras who will soon be rehomed to my LFS and 3 peppered corydoras who spawned and their fry are currently being raised in the net breeder box you see in the top. (roughly six fry, only about 4 will probably make it to adulthood)
    6 danio rerio, who school and swim about in the open areas and weave through the stem plants (before being chased away by the paradise fish)
    -currently I have a female rosy barb who is remarkably peaceful who I have while she is healing from being that smallest in the cichlid tank. once she heals up and isn't harassed, she'll be put back in the 60 gallon.-

    Here is what I want to get for the tank to finish out the stocking for the tank;
    1 (maybe gold/albino) bristlenose plecostomus to eat the algae that is ever present on the glass, which would make cleaning easier, I hope.
    5 otocinclus to act as smaller algae eaters.
    tons of ghost shrimp who would probably make it in the stem plants and tall foliage I'll have soon, who might breed a little bit. I don't mind if they don't make it or if they get eaten. (would be worth a try)

    Is there any other fish you guys think I would be able to put in here? I'm comfortable with a little bit of over stocking, up to about 130% on aqadvisor would be okay.

    Also my filter is rated for a 40 gallon and is the whisper 40i, and I've read online that it rated about 170-200 gallons per hour.
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    Ooh, wow, you were keeping the rosy barb with cichlids? Are there other rosies still with the cichlids that are surviving? Are these African cichlids or Latin American? Around here, "cichlids" mean aggressive and African, and they do well in our hard, alkaline water. Rosy barbs do better in soft water, though I've kept a shoal of them in our hard water in a peaceful tank.

    I once had a pleco (in that peaceful tank) who got too big, stopped eating algae, and started targeting his tank mates. I was able to trade him in for a peaceful group, and that went much better.

    Oto cats were a whole other story. I couldn't keep them alive, and I now understand that it was a question of our water, as well as not being able to provide them consistently with the sort of algae that they like. I feel so guilty now. They're generally wild caught, very few survive the journey here to CA, and then those end up mostly starving :(

    I've had much better luck with a few nerite snails. They keep the algae at bay, don't grow into anything that will eat fish, can handle our water, and don't overbreed since they only do so in brackish/salt water.

    So I would myself do a shoal of rosy barbs in there instead of the oto cats and use a few snails for algae.

    What temperature are you keeping the water at? I've never kept danios just because they like cooler water than the tropical fish that I keep although it looks like the Paradise fish will be fine in 68 degree water.
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    You are the best at preventing and controlling algae. I wouldn't get fish just to eat the algae. They won't make cleaning easier, they'll give you more cleaning to do because they produce lots of waste. A simple wipe down of the glass is all you need to do to remove that algae.

    Get the fish because you like them - if you add the BN pleco, you'll need to add wood and more hardscape to the tank (some reports of them feeding on wood, so it's good to have it in there). You'll need to feed both the otos and the BN pleco as well, they can't subsist on algae.

    Aqadvisor really isn't that accurate, so I wouldn't bother with its stocking percentages.
  4. OP

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    To answer both of your questions; the barbs were in water at about 7 ph. They had a school of 3, one male and two females. They were originally with 3 fancy goldfish and were peaceful and not nippy, until one injured himself by scraping the goodness out of himself on a lava rock. He later died. So they went in a 60 gallon with a texas cichlid (rehoming him soon) a convict, an electric blue acara, 2 rainbows (banded, I think) a black shark and 6 tiger barbs. Later, she was injusred after living with all of them for about 8 weeks by the convict. She had a broken top fin and a bloody eye (happily healed) and was moved to my tank to stay for a few weeks. When it comes to the BN and the Otos, I love them both. My dad has a BN and 4 otos in his 75 and they just do a wonderful job of cleaning the algae and are super peaceful. I also understand that keeping the tank clean is my job and not that of my livestock. I just hate not seeing through parts of my glass sometimes, and when maintenance comes I use my razor and scrape it away. And I also know they can't live off of algae alone, and I already have zucchini and squash blanched and frozen that will supplement their diets. Also I am getting some driftwood that is going to go on the back left corner and will be covered by some stem plants and tall to have the vertical focal points I need. As I've said in other threads, Aqavisor is mainly just a guideline about stocking, and I do my own research about fish that I want to get and to see if they are compatible. Does this cover everything?
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    OK, I have a better understanding now of what's happening. I know you're confident that you can keep the oto cats alive, but I would recommend that you fill out the shoals of the fish that you already have and are nursing back to health. Any chance you can rehome the barbs if you don't want a shoal of 6 in your peaceful tank? How're your banded rainbows handling the aggressive tank? I would myself get them into a shoal of 6 in a more peaceful tank. I used to have a 45 gallon with Bosemani rainbows and cories. But then again, maybe you could consider rehoming the banded rainbows. Then you could get all the other animals that you prefer.
  6. TexasDomer

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    You have stocking issues in the 60 gal, if you'd like to discuss it.
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    This is my mother's tank, and she is rehoming the Texas, and I can't really tell her to rehome most of the other fish. It's a semi aggressive tank, the rainbow's are pretty aggressive and chase the barbs a few inches and keep them away, but move out of the way of the convict's way. I know there are stocking issues, but I can't really discuss them with my parents as they don't know about my fishlore account or the fact that I use the internet without permission. C'est la vie. I'll try to talk to them about maybe rehoming most but not the convict (seriously, the prettiest darn convict you will ever see, barely 3 inches long and already has a decent nucal hump and gorgeous blue coloration) and the tiger babrs and getting something else.
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    So I guess it's time for a quick update on the 30 gallon! So I decided to do a little bit of shifting just a few things around and taking some plants from the 10 gallon as well as my cholla wood. I think I have a decent tank developing. IMG_20180424_211141_1.jpg I decided to add both of my apontogen plants, though I will most likely remove the large one in the back right corner when the rotalla fills out of I get another stem plant, and is mainly just for cover and the corydoras love it already. I moved the red wendtii to make a thicker patch when it grows in. I added the cholla wood on the front right corner for the corydoras to hide in, and they do love swimming into it and hanging out. I added the valsenaria in the space between it to cover the open area, though I might replace it with dwarf sag if I don't like the val. I added my anacharis in a thick patch in the back right, planning on it growing tall towards the top of the tank. Thoughts so far? As for the fish, I've decided on not getting the BN and just getting the otocinclus catfish, mainly because they are cute and also will help keep my plant leaves clean. The rosy barb wil soon be moved back into the 60. Do you guys think I could add another small schooling fish? I was thinking of maybe gold or cherry barbs? Something calmish, I think.
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    It'll look even better when the plants grow in! I think another small schooling fish would be fine!