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Hello everyone what's your thoughts and experience with filter media . I meant manufacturer replacement media sponges ,water polishing, VS D.Y.I . I have a mix of filter,s ,Fulval FX4, Marineland 360, Sunsun 303B 9w UV, National Geographic 70 with 9w UV. Old school Fulval 203 . So I was looking into a little cheaper and more convenient way to replace media . I currently run the manufacturer corse sponges, then bio-max, then water polish pads replacements for each brand of filter. I have read a lot of post about D,I,Y media .my LFS sells cut to fit pads for a reasonable price. I have priced cotton batting /poly-fil. Now some of the the items from craft-departments are cheaper. My fish are my babys I want the best I can do for them all . With all the water changes I have 8 tanks plus other pets. What's your thoughts and experience on media OE media replacement vs DIY .Thank you all


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I make my own set ups. If you buy the big containers you can definitely supply 8 filters with it. It may cost a bit more up front, but it will literally last for years. You will be only replacing filter floss about once a month, and that is super cheap. Here is how I have mine set up

Prefilter sponge on/intake intake (coarse sponge) then using separate media bags, dense sponge, crushed coral (for my pH issues don't use unless absolutely necessary), ceramic rings, & filter floss. I was able to use one medium container of ceramic rings for 3 filters and I still have some left over.

I have found this first video the best one so far at explaining how to customize filter media for all sorts of brands/types. The second video walks you through some of the actual types of media to choose from.

If you want to see my filter set up I have it under my tank build that I set up this week.

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