Thoughts on Fahaka Puffer at 84 - Also May This Higher Temp Help With Prolapse?


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I have a baby fahaka puffer (3" about) in my 75 gallon tank and since he is small I know he won't go after other fish yet. I also have clown loaches in there, which I know like to be kept hot (80+) and does anybody have experience with keeping them this warm? Another possible benefit I am looking to get is increased metabolism for my Fahaka as he has been having issues with prolapse, and the extra heat may speed up his digestion. He has been getting mild prolapse (anus sticks out only 2mm opposed to 5 or 6mm like before) and it retracts quite quickly, like by the end of the day, where before it took several days, and I am thinking that if the heat is up and food digests faster he will pass things easier. He is currently on a snail primary diet. Hopefully someone has some experience with this.
Thank you for reading!

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