Thoughts on Eurobrace Idea For 29 Gallon + Is This a Good Protein Skimmer?


So the more I look into the world of saltwater, I find that for a lot of equipment you want a sump, but I do not want to have that so I am choosing to go with a HOB protein skimmer and I will also do a HOB filter + a small power head for extra filtration.

I have been looking into HOB skimmers and I have found the Aquatop Xcyclone Protein Skimmer, 370GPH. It has good (3.5-4 stars) reviews just about everywhere I look at it and for 135$ I am hoping it is a fair deal. Does anybody have experience with this skimmer and have some words of wisdom for a young saltwater grasshopper? This will be my first saltwater aquarium so I am not too fond of the 300$ octopus skimmer idea yet.

Also, with this skimmer I have read it does not fit on rimmed tanks, which I am okay with to an extent, I just do not want it to bow much. I am thinking about removing the top brace and installing a eurobrace on 3 sides (front and both sides) and leaving the back open for filters and whatnot. I will include an image of my plans. I do have experience with silicone work within tanks, not a lot, but I am comfortable in saying that I can install this and my beads won't fail. I have built a few small tanks that are still going strong. Does anybody think what I have laid out as a plan will work good, or should I adjust it a bit, say instead of a long front piece do like a 3" center brace? Or do I not even need a brace?

This is for a standard 29 gallon tank - 30" Wide, 18.75" High, 12" Deep
Any information is appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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