Thoughts on adding fish, please?


Hi all moved my tank today and cleared out some of the plants that weren't doing to good quite like how it looks as you can now see all the fish and not just plants lol. Its a 180ltr in it I have 2 BN plec 9 Danios, 5 branded barb, 5 Cory's and 5 rummy nose tetra is their anything else I can put in pic below of how it looks just now.

I also have a 125 ltr tank which is getting moved tomorrow which doesn't have a lot in it but it has a synonyms catfish (upside down could i put this in bigger tank with the fish mentioned above? TIA1F2618C2-E1EF-4948-A4C8-5FC916484B13.jpeg



I'm a big fan of fewer large schools instead of a bunch of small ones, so all I'd do would be add to the existing schools. I'd start with the rummy nose tetras. They'll look much better in a larger group. I'd probably add 10 of them.
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