Thoughts on a corner filter?

  1. Dylan the new fish guy

    Dylan the new fish guy Initiate Member

    I got a corner filter and is thinking of buying a new filter but I'm on a tight budget.
    Do you think it is really necessary to buy a new type of filter?
    Thank you!
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  2. j

    jpm995 Well Known Member Member

    Many factors are involved. How big is the tank? Most corner filters are designed for small tanks [5-20 gal]. The principals are the same for all filters so all work but vary in how effective they are. In tank filters take up valuable space in the tank and don't hold much media, plus their ugly and hard to hide. On the plus side they don't have to move the water very far so they can use small pumps to work. Hang on the back are probably the best for most tanks, low power, good amount of media, easy to clean and service. So to answer your question if your filter can handle the bioload in your tank it's fine, but you still may want to upgrade for other reasons.