Thought things were going well but woke up to a dead fish Help

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    whiskers New Member Member

    I finally got my 20g tank cycled (I cycled with fish since I knew nothing about cycling when I set up the tank) about a week ago. Using the API Liquid test kit my values are

    0 ammonia
    0 nitrite
    10 nitrate
    8.4 pH (up from 8.2 last week)
    KH 8
    GH 7.5
    temp 80

    I thought all was going well and was so glad the the cycling process was over, but when I got up this morning one of my platies was dead. He was acting normal last night, as do all of the other fish now. It didn't appear that there was anything obviously wrong when I took him out. I'm sad hes gone but also worried that I might wake up to more dead fish tomorrow.

    Do you think it could be my pH? I tested my tap water (i couldn't do the 24hr bucket test) and its 8.0-8.2. I'm also wondering if maybe I underfed him because I was so worried about overfeeding! He didn't look skinny or anything when I took him out though. I did a 20% water change and rinsed my filter cartridge. Any other suggestions, interpretations, ideas? Thanks!
  2. CHoffman

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    Your reading look fine. ON your PH 8.4 is pretty high but I wouldn't think that .2 change over a week would cause a death. How long have you had your fish? Sometimes even if were doing things correctly bad things still happen. :) It was fine to do a 20% W/C but I wouldn't recommend rising the filter at this time. Your tank is newly established and even when we rinse in treated water or tank water it still washes away some of the good bacteria. Don't rinse it out unless it really needs it. If this platy happened to be in the tank while it was cycled that could have added stress...even with frequent w/c. I hope your other fish stay healthy for ya!. :)
  3. peacemaker92

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    So sorry for your fish losses... Hope everything gets better soon. Best of luck!