Thought I killed my platy doing a PWC

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    vasyat Member Member

    Hi. Just wanted to share my near heart attack. I was scrubbing the algae off the glass of my tank and only counted 5 platys. I was horrified to see 1 platy still and vertical in the anacharis- I thought I crushed him with the algae brush. I moved the anacharis and he swam out. These guys have no fear and swim up to my hands, the brushes, etc. I'm happy to see all 6 platys are now active an hour afterwards. Yikes!

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    revelations Member Member

    Sounds like my cories, they constantly swim TOWARDS my siphon while I'm vacuuming my sand. On a few occasions I've even caught one in the siphon (luckily they didn't do in the tube)...but every time they don't learn and go right up to it.
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    oldsalt777 Well Known Member Member

    Hello vas...

    Platys will rest many times in the plants. A heavily planted tank is a comfort to livebearing fish. They like privacy as much as they like swimming with other peaceful fish. The water change will energize them. The flush of pure water would excite me too if I lived in the same water that I did everything in.