Those Wacky Goldfish

Discussion in 'Pond Fish' started by maggie thecat, Apr 14, 2018.

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    I did pond maintenance yesterday. Repotted my lilies and other plants. Scrubbed some of the gunge off the sides and did a moderate water change. I also put some water hyacinths in a coco coir liner anchored in a foam ring, because last year the fish ate the roots off and killed them.

    This morning the fish were going bonkers. Spring, as they say seemed to be in the air. But they were going nuts over the coir planter. It seemed like it was fish nip.

    Figuring the liner was going to get thrashed in short order, I went and got a basket. When I swapped out the coir, I realized it was covered in eggs.

    So I put it back in the pond.
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    You never know what you'll find!
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    I ended moving the liner into a 25 gallon water trough I keep on the deck as sort of a holding pond because Winter decided to have one late last fling. Last night I shone a flashlight into the water, and it was TEEMING with fry.