Thorough Tank Cleaning? Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by FishLoverEmma0, May 16, 2018.

  1. FishLoverEmma0

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    Okay, so yesterday i bought a new betta for my 10 gal, and my recent bettas have died of fin and body rot (only 2 of 3 died, i tried my best to help them, the other one has no signs of fin rot) and before i put him in to acclimate, i did a 75% water change, i stirred up the sand and cleaned some of the waste out, and i soaked the decorations in hot water. The water is fairly clear today. I was wondering how people thoroughly clean their tank, (clean the sand, clean tank sides, clean heater and filter) and i was wondering how to do this while enducing as little stress to the fish as possible. Right now i only have two betta containers to put the fish in (split it into active and less active fish, one betta and danio in one, loach, other betta, and pleco in the other.) I just would like a way to thoroughly clean the tank and enducing the least stress possible for future reference. No one seems to be too stressed about the cleaning last night :D (Yes i know my tank is a little over stocked, but i do a water change and sand cleanout every wednesday and saturday for this tank in particular)
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    I NEVER "thoroughly" clean my tanks unless Im breaking them down for storage. If your fish died of fin rot, thats probably a poor water quality issue. You need to have a cycled tank (beneficial bacteria in your filter) that convert ammonia to nitrites, nitrites to nitrates, then you have to do 20-50% water changes regularly (every week to few weeks) to keep nitrates low.

    To lower stress levels you need proper stocking and tanks. The fish you have listed (besides the bettas) either need to be in large tanks or large schools.
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    Your doing already what you're supposed to do. To clean the heater, un plug it for 20 minutes before you take it out. Then take it out and just rub the heater under you tap with warm water and your hand. If there's any mineral crust, salt makes a good scouring powder the doesn't scratch any thing and rinces away completely. Don't ever use commercial sponges. The reason they are soft when you buy them without being moist is because they are treated with a chemical called a humectant that is toxic to fish. The best way to keep the slime off the inside of the aquarium glass is to use utility knife razor blades. Be careful not to scrape th silicone sealer in the corners. You can use regular glass cleaner and paper towels for the outside of the glass, just spray it on the paper towels instead of th glass so you don't accidentally get over spray in the tank. If I forgot how to clean anything else, just post it and someone will help you.

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