20 Gallon Tank This worked for me (aggressive gourami)


I have a semI aggressive female gold gouramI that dosen't like new arrivals.
It all started when I took out my pregnant platy and moved her to a 10 gal. tank to let her drop fry in peace. When I reintroduced her my gouramI was aggressive toward her and the male that was left in for the week and a half that the female was gone. I don't know why the gouramI turned aggressive towards the platys since they been together the hole time the tank has been set up. I tried to rearrange the tank that didn't work. Tried to take the gouramI out and reintroduce her again later that didn't work. I almost gave up and was going to run two tanks, my wife was not happy about that so I went to walmart and found this soap dish with suction cup. It was clear and had slots on the side and bottom. I bought it for $3.99, what the heck I thought. So when I got home I washed it and put it in my tank. I grab the female platy and did the normal introduce thing and put her in the soap dish. The gouramI went nuts, she couldn't get to her and that made me happy no injuries. It took about two hours for the gouramI to settle down then I waited for another hour then let the female platy out. With my net in hand I waited. It worked the gourmaI had her fit and didn't hurt the fish and they are now swimming around together. So when I got two more fish I did the same thing and the gouramI did the same thing, aggression the peace.

I don't know if this will work for everybody but it is worth a shot.



Great ingenuity!
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Great idea!
I love the soap dish (never actually held soap lol) idea.
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