This Snail Showed Up Today...

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Cazeil, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Cazeil

    Cazeil Valued Member Member

    2017 07 30 Alien Snail.jpg

    It is in a 10 gallon tank that I am preparing for red cherry shrimp. I put some moss in ten days ago and assume that's where it came from. I figure it is safe as a member of a red cherry shrimp community but want to be sure :).
  2. B

    Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a Malaysian trumpeter snail. But a clearer picture may be necessary to see the exact pattern. If it's a MTS, it's completely harmless.
  3. danelch

    danelch Valued Member Member

    I think it's a pond/bladder snail. I had a ton of these in my 90 gallon planted tank. They're pretty docile normally and shouldn't be a threat to RCS. Not to live RCS anyway. Besides they're way too slow.
    I really think and hope you've nothing to worry about :)

    Exactly what I thought at first look cuz of the conical shape but its body surface pattern/colour seems a lot like bladder snails.
    But in any case,I don't think there's a threat.
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  4. OP

    Cazeil Valued Member Member

    They are a threat to dead RCS? ;) (No offense intended, just being silly.) Fyi, there are no RCS in the tank, yet. Water chemistry is slightly off and needs to resolve.

    Thank you, Bruxes and Bubbles and danelch, appreciate your replies very much. Feeling confident :)!
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  5. danelch

    danelch Valued Member Member

    Haha I meant it as a joke too :)
    Because they're the clean up crew,they often feed off of dead stuff that's what I meant
  6. OP

    Cazeil Valued Member Member

    So good to know that my humor does not isolate me like it sometimes does :playful:
  7. danelch

    danelch Valued Member Member

    Haha dw I'm sure you're not that bad
  8. p

    purslanegarden Well Known Member Member

    They're not a threat to the fish or other snails, except if you don't like having a lot of them. There are probably eggs or baby snail with the moss you added. Having more of them show up from the plant, means you'll have more of them, too. However, in my experience, they grow slowly and reproduce more slowly, compared to the other snails that I have accidentally introduced to my tanks.

    I actually prefer them, for that reason, if I had to pick on any unwanted snails to have.
  9. FIghtingj

    FIghtingj Valued Member Member

    Yea, looks like a harmless pest snail. If you dont want to get a horde of snails you might want to clean the moss ad get rid of eggs.

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